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What Happens at Vulcan.... (Part 1)

Posted on Sun Oct 18th, 2020 @ 7:10pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant JG Eric Thornton & Commander Elias Walker & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Kevin Chambers & Lieutenant Steffan Haas & Lieutenant Arev & Lieutenant Joshua Arras & Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Petty Officer, 1st Class Lee Adama

Mission: Mission 3 - Coming Full Circle
Location: Vulcan/Legacy
Timeline: 2261. 231 at 1300

Legacy finally arrived at Vulcan. Certainly, Cindy had seen holos of how Vulcan ended, how Nero destroyed the fleet, and the wreckage that orbited what was now a black hole where Vulcan was but none of that could prepare Cindy for the actual sight of it. No, there was not many wrecked ships remaining, but to see the vast emptiness and blackness where none was before was dumbfounding.

"Coming to a full stop at the perimeter of the safety zone, Sir," the Helmsman stated.

The black hole, itself was not visible, despite Legacy registering its presence. Streams of the Vulcan sun were being sucked into the black hole, which visually proved its existence. The moment that Legacy appeared, the viewscreen showed a metallic object that was circling down towards the black hole like a penny going down a cylinder. Concentric circles becoming more and more narrow as it headed towards its doom.

Cindy asked the bridge crew, in an awed voice, "Isn't it amazing to actually be here?"

Petty Officer Adama, sitting at the Nav station, looked at the screen. "Hard to believe something for beautiful is so deadly."

Xenia stared at the sight, unable to speak. It may be beautiful with the swirls of colors funnelling into the gravity well, but millions of lives had been lost here, and the heaviness of that filled her.

Luke stared at Vulcan, or rather, at the absence of it. He couldn't fathom the fact that there, where once he had stood, where once he had studied, made friends, once had breathed the hot, dusty air, there now was utter blackness, nothingness, death, oblivion. The memories of his time there washed over him, walking in the capital, making friends, trying out new foods. All of it was no more. It existed now only in his memory. In a silent outcry for those who had perished, a tear slowly dripped down his cheeks. The irony of it hit him, realising a Vulcan would never allow for such a display of emotion. Yet here he stood, weeping, for those that couldn't.

“I’m not picking up and radio chatter in the system, Captain. It appears that we’re the only ones here.” Walker reported from his console before turning to look at the view screen. “It’s definitely spectacular.” The Commander commented.

"Indeed", Arev commented. "The technology that did this does seem to fit the description of an advanced weapon, as reported by the others. After all, had it come from this time period, I am certain that either the Klingons or Romulans would have already attempted to use it on a mass level."

"It was said that a Romulan did this and he was from the future," Cindy informed everyone, if they did not yet know. "I wonder what Romulans of that tomorrow think of this."

The metallic object, part of some ship that Nero had destroyed, finally got sucked into the black hole, its imprint left forever on the event horizon. There was a bright flash of light and Legacy instantly was hit with a distortion, rocking the ship. Cindy called out "Red Alert!" as the Legacy rocked uneasily and felt as if it would be ripped apart.

Xenia sprung into action, attempting to compensate for the ship's unexpected movement. Evasive maneuvers began to correct for being thrown back, but it didn't counter the disturbance to the crew's balance.

Adama tried to help the helmsman regain control of the ship.

She could see what he was attempting from her console, but some of his actions negated hers. "That's not helping," she said to him. "Focus on getting the inertial dampeners back online. I've got the ship."

"Roger." Adama turned his attention to rerouting the power to get the dampeners online. As he tried to get control of the dampeners, the console continued to spark.

As Adama was trying to get the dampeners online, Legacy suddenly became a lot more crowded. By Cindy's side, there was Lieutenant Commander Abigail Prescott. Cindy cried out, "Bec?!" By Xenia, two other Chief Helmsmen appeared: Lieutenant Benjamin Chiles and Junior Grade Lieutenant Noakes. Cindy's eyes strayed to Lieutenant Chiles and she smiled at him and said, "Ben! Where's my candy?"

Xenia looked up from her console, catching the two officers in her peripheral vision. She grinned at Ben. "Mr. Chiles, welcome back. Who's this bloke?" she asked, nodding toward the other man.

Cindy asked Xenia. "You met Ben? Wait. I don't have two Chief Helmsmen. This is, well, odd.... And I remember.... Yes, I remember you, too." She looked over at Jasper Noakes. "Jasper, right?"

He nodded, looking at the crowded bridge.

Xenia looked from Ben to the Captain and back. "I did," she said with a smile. "We had...quite the conversation."

Next to the navigator, petty officer, Lee Adama a pretty blonde haired navigation officer appeared and Cindy ran up to her and gave her a hug, "CAT! My other Michigan gal! I still have some Vernors." The blonde smiled at Cindy and said, "I'm up for it, but who are all of these people?" Cindy explained, everyone is from some dimension that involves Legacy. I suspect all of our Legacies are here at the same time and it seems that I may be the Captain on every one. That is Arev's and Kevin's theory, anyways.

Next to Elias Walker, at the communications station appeared a beautiful brunette woman that Cindy knew as Ensign Nadia Jiaying, though Cindy did not see her due to her connecting with Cat. A redhead with fiery blue eyes appeared at the Security Station next to Luke: Chief of Security Lieutenant Azelya Korr. On the other side of Luke was another female Chief Security officer, this time a brunette named Zoe Cayce. Behind Luke appeared an Assistant Chief Security officer, a male named Lieutenant Grayson Hawk who said to Luke, "Get out of my chair!"

Luke gave a grunt of annoyance by being so rudely shaken out of his remembrance of the planet before them that was no more. "Shut up! We're in some temporal rift thingy, causing everyone who ever served aboard the Legacy to appear together. There is no time to argue over who is pretending to be who, just get over the that station over there and monitor for any anomalies that might endanger the ship, Lt. Hawk!"

At the science station, two additional Chief Science Officers appeared next to Arev, Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn and Lieutenant JG Alastair Hallewell II. Both looked at the Vulcan curiously and Neza asked, "How are we here and who are you?"

"I am Lieutenant Arev", Arev replied. "I would think how you are here would be easy to discern. You are caught in a collision of temporal streams that need to be kept separated permanently before irreparable damage is done to the space time continuum. A madman from he future blew up Vulcan and the effects are severe but fascinating. If you will excuse me, I have work to do."

Arev knew back from his time that the substance known as red matter was at a theoretical level when he had been incarcerated. From all accounts however, it seemed the theory had become reality. Perhaps, just perhaps he might be able to use an alternate or reverse make up of the substance.

"What I want to know is why my underling is acting like she's a Chief of Science," Alastair Hallewell II answered. Neza Glenn responded, "Because you abandoned the ship and you're not my superior anymore. Now, let's solve this problem or Legacy is doomed. Do you have any information on this, Lieutenant Arev?" Neza asked.

[to be continued]


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