Commander Elias Walker

Name Elias Walker

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Place of Birth England

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10
Weight 78kg
Hair Color Brown, greying one places.
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Olivia Walker (Deceased)
Children Jonah Walker
Kyle Walker
Father John Walker
Mother Angie Walker

Other Relationships

Personality & Traits

Personal History Elias Glenn Walker was born to John and Angie Walker in 2227. Named after both his Grandfathers, he was brought up in England by his mother mainly as his father was always working away with Starfleet. Although he didn't have much of a father figure in his life he was always brought up knowing he was going to join Starfleet.

As he got older he was told stories of how his ancestors fought in the Great Romulan War and had successful careers. His father came home only once when he was 6.

It was 12 years before he saw his father again. Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire had kept his father on the frontlines. Promoted to Captain, John Walker returned on his ship, USS Valiant, back to Earth for a refit and for his son Elias to enroll into Starfleet.

Even though he wanted to follow his family's footsteps into Starfleet he found his calling wasn't in Security or Tactical Training but in Engineering, Ship Design and Communications which he excelled.

Four years later he graduated from Starfleet Academy top of his class and his Father requested him to assigned to the Valiant as an Engineer, but before he reported onboard, the Valiant was attacked by Klingons. She took heavy losses including her Commanding officer, Commodore Walker, and First officer.

Elias served aboard the Valiant for a year as an Engineer but found it very hard to serve aboard the ship that his father had died so asked for a transfer.

He was transferred to the USS Essex as assistant chief engineer. Aboard the Essex, Elias met his future wife Olivia Smith, who was the ships nurse.

After 18 months they married and Olivia resigned from Starfleet so they could start a family. Elias stayed aboard Essex but went home after every tour/mission was completed.

After 3 years Elias was promoted to Chief Engineer aboard the Essex and Olivia fell pregnant with their first son Jonah.

A year after his sons birth he transferred back to Earth and took a job in Starship design.

Two years later his wife gave birth to their second son, Kyle.

Life was good for the Walker family, Elias was in a job he loved and was close to his family. Unfortunately, three years after the birth of Kyle, Olivia was killed in a shuttle accident.

Elias took some time out from Starfleet to spend time to mourn for the loss of his best friend and wife, Olivia.

After two years, he decided it was time to return to Starfleet. With the help and support of his family he was able to leave his children on Earth and return to the career he loved. He had also spent the two years training to change from the Engineering role which he loved until the passing of his wife. He chose to instead retrain and become a linguist and Comms expert. He was keen to try his hand at his new found skills and chose to head to Deep Space Five as their chief linguist.

After two years on DS5 an old friend, Captain Ryan Bridger, asked if he'd become the Executive Officer board the new Intrepid Class USS Frontenac. Elias agreed and transferred aboard.

Having served on the Frontenac for 3 years, Starfleet offered Walker the chance to serve aboard the newly commissioned USS Legacy. Being a keen lover of the Constitution Class design, he quickly accepted and transferred to the Legacy.
Service Record 2245-2248: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2248-2249: USS Valiant, Engineer, Ensign
2249-2252: USS Essex, Asst. Chief Engineer/Chief Engineer, Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant
2252-2254: Riverside Shipyard, Iowa, Starship Designer, Lieutenant
2254-2256: Career break to care for his children.
2256-2258: Deep Space Five, Chief Linguist, Lieutenant Commander
2258-2261: USS Frontenac, Executive Officer/Chief Communications Officer, Commander
2261-present: USS Legacy, Executive Officer/Chief Communications Officer, Commander