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Continuing with Physicals

Posted on Sun Sep 20th, 2020 @ 12:46am by Petty Officer, 3rd Class Clara Henry & Lieutenant Joshua Arras

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2261. 245 at 1401

Arras went back to work after his humiliating episode with the captain, so he decided to throw himself back into his work. He had thought about requesting a transfer, but that might mean he wouldn't get another ship for awhile, so he decided to hold off on that.

After putting away all the supplies, and reordering some that weren't delivered, he checking the computer to see who was scheduled for a physical.

He tapped the intercom on his desk. =/\= Will Petty Officer Clara Henry report to sickbay.=^=

Clara had not been on the ship much more than an hour. She was sure of it. She had met with the Captain, who seemed super pleasant and set up her half of her quarters, which were small and shared with another crewman. While she would not officially be on a schedule until tomorrow, Clara really wanted to exert her authority. After all, rather than grovelling with other crewman, she could now tell them what to do and how to do it. And, as the Captain's Yeoman, she had an extra air of authority that even could be used with officers. She giggled with glee when she realized that but now, she received another order...from a doctor.

There was nothing to be done for it. She headed to the sickbay and with a curious, smooth voice, Clara asked, "Who called for me? I'm Clara Henry."

A voice came out from behind a door. "I did." Arras walked up to her. "Doctor Joshua Arras."

She smiled at the Doctor and asked him, "So, did you want to do my physical? Is that it?"

"Since I'm and the chief medical officer, and at the moment, the only doctor on the ship, I would say 'yes'." He walked to a biobed. "Lay down, please."

Obediently, Clara did as the CMO ordered. Then she volunteered excitedly, "I think we're going to see a lot of each other. I'm the Captain's new yeoman!"

"So your the new condolences." He ran the scanner over her as he watched the readout panel. "I look forward to seeing you, my door is always open." He checked the readouts. "Anything bothering you at the moment? Pains? Stomach problems?"

"Condolences?" Clara asked blinking and concerned. "Captain Cindy seems rather sweet. Don't tell me that she's a two faced bitch, please! I felt so lucky to get this position. As to bothering me? Um, no."

"No...she's nice enough, at times." He remembered how she reacted when Arras asked if she would be in a relationship with him. "You'll be okay. It nice to see friendly, pretty faces on the ship." He finished the scans. "Seems you are in very good health." He held out a hand to help her sit up.

Clara wondered why the CMO added, "at times," but let it go for now. After all, she would likely be coordinating with him quite a bit on this ship. She smiled at the doctor, knowing that she, in some ways, had more control than anyone on the ship. She wondered how much she could use it. "Thank you for the compliment and the bill of good health, Doctor."

"You're welcome. I'm always here in case you need medical attention, or a friendly ear to listen to you." He helped her off the bed. "Your next required physical is now scheduled for 6 months from now, but I hope to see you before then."

"I'm sure that you will," she replied with a small giggle. She then put her hand daintily at her chest, only her fingers touching the area over her heart. "Yeoman, you know?" She beamed a smile at the Doctor.

"Congratulations again on the assignment, Clara, if I may call you that?" He looked at her as she smiled. He thought ~that smile could light up a room~.

"Of course. It is my name, isn't it?"

"Maybe when you have some off duty time, we could get a drink, does that sound alright?"

"Sure! Why not?" After all, getting to know the chiefs after hours could not hurt. "I don't know how much time I will have but I'll try to pencil the Captain's schedule in such a way to allow it."

"Let me know when your next off duty, Clara, and we can get that drink."

"Very well," she replied as she started to leave the sickbay. "Nice meeting you, Doctor."


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