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Playing a Hunch

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 4:58am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Kevin Chambers & Lieutenant Joshua Arras

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Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name

Previously: Kevin's mind worked on... Wasn't that all the more reason to be checked out by Sick Bay? They had all lost consciousness... "Chambers to Sick Bay."

This seemed incredibly strange to NOT be ordered to Sick Bay right away. And with the Cap's classic hair flip. Before doing anything else, he was going to let Sick Bay know what happened on this Mission. He might be overreacting, but it'd be better hearing that from a Medical Professional rather than a guy who tinkered around with engines.

Arras, seated at his desk, tapped the comm unit on his desk. "Arras here."

"Hey Doc," responded Kevin's easy voice. But it seemed to be a bit hesitant and halting. "Um." He stopped. How to phrase this?

"Have you had a chance to see the Away Team's Report from Lu-uh, the Security Chief?"

"I have. Do you have any questions concerning it, lieutenant?" Arras replied.

"Um. Mayyyybe?" Kevin didn't sound very sure, but sure enough to call Sick Bay. So perhaps he should just... "Look, isn't it Protocol for any Away Team member to report to Sick Bay for an examination, even a cursory one, if there were any unusual happenings?"

Why was he hesitating? Because this question was quite... delicate. Was he questioning a person? A decision? "While on the Mission?" he added.

He sounded lame. He almost cut the comms. He would have sheepishly apologized, but...

'No, no,' he assured himself. Kevin Chambers was simply checking in to make sure that he was wrong. No matter how much his gut was squirming. Something was off. Like a taste, a smell... something...

"Lietuenant Chambers, report to sickbay." came the request over the comms.

"Be right there!" Kevin replied, cutting the channel. 'Yeah,' he thought to himself, 'that Doc's smart. Better to have the conversation in person.' After all, being covert on comms in a ship run by a computer that logs all that stuff is not the best way to conduct rather marginal... possibly very incorrect... questions.

Glad to be moving again, Chambers switched physical as well as mental directions and headed to Sick Bay. Not thinking for one moment how odd he had sounded, but focusing on his rather sad attempt at being subtle. HE didn't think that... poor sot. But we live and learn, no?

Arras heard the doors open. "Mr. Chambers?"

"Hey Doc," Kevin replied. "A once over should make me feel better, even though the Cap didn't mention it." He shrugged, hopping up on an exam table unasked. "Especially after that incident." He spoke as he rolled up his sleeve. He was an Engineer... what possibly might he know about a medical examination?

Arras looked at him. "This 'incident' you mentioned, is that the planetoid situation?" Arras pulled out a hypo, pressed it against Chambers arm and took some blood.

"Situation?" Kevin asked. "Are you referring to the Mission itself? Or the unknown length of time that we were all unconscious after we completed the repair?"

"Lieutenant, stop speaking in riddles. If you have something to say, or report, then do so man!"

"Doc." Kevin stopped and took a deep breath. "During our away mission, we all lost consciousness after I finished repairing the computer." He looked at the Arras meaningfully. "ALL of us."

Chambers nodded. "And I'm the only one down here in Sick Bay. And the Captain didn't even order, suggest or mention the idea of any of us coming to see you." He chewed on his lip as he continued. This could be... a bad decision. "We were ordered back to our posts." And yet... here he was.

Was he looking for validation for his gut feeling? Or perhaps a nice ticket to some alone time. But Kevin had attended Star Fleet Academy with Cindy... the Cap... After coming back to Legacy... all business. Not even one hair flip. There was something wrong. He KNEW it. But what the hell was it?

Arras looked at him. Then he walked over to the intercom. "Dr Arras to Captain Jackson."

=^= This is Captain Jackson. What do you have to report, Doctor? =^=

=^= Captain. I need you to report tp sickbay for a physical. =^=

=^= I have no need for a physical, Doctor. I handled my physical with you before our first mission. Return to your duties. =^=

=^= Captain. You should have had a exam once you returned from the asteroid ship. As you know, it is standard procedure. =^=

=^= It is not. You have an ulterior motive, Doctor. I've had many an away mission without this sort or request. =^=

=^= Captain. As chief medical officer, I have the authority to relieve you of command for refusing to report for a physical.=^=

=^= You do not and what you are suggesting, Doctor, is something on the nature of mutiny. Regulation 121 specifically states that you can only remove me if an individual is medically unfit, compromised by an alien intelligence, or otherwise exhibits behavior that indicates seriously impaired judgment. So unless you can provide such evidence and have another chief of staff corroborate your findings, I will not see you for another physical until at least next year. I suggest that you look at your own behaviors very closely, Doctor, if you do not wish to risk court martial proceedings. Captain out. =^= With that, she cut off the comm between the two.

Arras stormed out of sickbay and took a turbolift to the bridge, and when he got there, he marched to the captain and stopped. "I am putting in my log where I question your fitness for duty, captain. Then you will be required to answer my post, captain. And then the matter goes to Starfleet Medical, captain."

The Captain turned to the Doctor and said, "You're relieved of duty, Mr. Arras. I will not hear your baseless claims any further. Report to your quarters."

"Captain, I am invoking Starfleet Order 104, Section C. Starfleet Order 104 relates to flag officers taking command of a ship, and Section C specifically covers medical officers relieving flag officers of that authority. My medical opinion is that you are not fit for duty."

"At this moment, your mutiny is noted, Doctor." She hit the comm in her chair and said, =^=Lieutenant Osswell, please escort Mr. Arras to the bridge. =^=



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