Lieutenant Joshua Arras

Name Joshua Arras

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32-about
Date of Birth Unknown, but celebrates on Febuary 29, every 4 years.
Place of Birth Unknown

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average height, and weight.
He thinks of himself as average, but some call him attractive.
His hair is always trimmed.
No beard of moustache.


Father Dr. Michael Arras - adopted father
Mother Dr. Caroline Arras - adopted mother
Brother(s) Larry Arras
Paul Arras
Sister(s) Shiela Arras
Janet Arras

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance Nothing recent
Friends Just his family
Enemies/Rivals To be determined

Personality & Traits

General Overview Attractive, or so he's told.
Somewhat reserved, but that makes sense because of his background.
Average height and weight.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Strengths: A great doctor, never gives up on a patient. Takes time to get to know people. Plays piano, usually alone in his room.
Weaknesses: A feeling of extreme loss always follows him.
Quirks: Talks to himself often. Keeps a bottle of Romulan Ale in his office, "for medicinal purposes only".
Ambitions To be a simple country doctor when he retires.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Hobbies: Reads medical journals. Grows orchids.
Interests: Medicine, botany.
Likes: Medicine.
Dislikes: Loves his adopted family, but always has a sense of loniness.
Languages Known Federation Standard; a small knowledge of Klingon and Vulcan.
Medical profile Physically fit.
Scars on his body, mostly back; subject has no recollection of how he received them.
Psychological Profile Sometimes suffers from depression, in regards to his family background. Recommendation: keep in touch with a trained therapist via subspace, or find someone that he can confide in.
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs "Do no harm"

Personal History An infant was found amongst the ruins of a destroyed colony by the chief medical officer Commader Michael Arras, of the starship USS Venture. Dr Arras returned to the ship with the infant, and did some tests to see if the infant was injured or in poor health.
The ship's security team searched the wreackage of the colony and only found bodies burnt beyond identifiction. Analysis of weapons signatures were unable to determine the weapons used.
A search for the colony's origin and manifest were not located. The colonies computer system was destroyed, taking with it all evidence of the people in the colony.
Caroline Arras, the ship's assistant chief medical officer, and wife of Michael Arras, made the decision that if any family couldn't be located, that they would adopt the child.
The child's physical revealed no internal or external injuries. But there were some scars on his back.
Computer analysis suggest the child was between 4 to 7 months of age.
DNA analysis revealed that the infant. now named Joshua, was human, but there were no matches to determine if any family was available.
So the Arras decided to adopt the child.

Joshua, sometimes called Josh, only knew the people he lived with as family. It wasn't until Josh was 10 years old that his "parents" told him the truth about how he came to live with them.
All things considered, Josh took it well. His parents gave him all the data they had collected and allowed Josh to search for any family, but the search resulted in nothing.

But he had his "real family" so in gratitude, Josh decided to dedicate his life to medicine.

Education Record First and secondary schools were completed, so it was time to go to medical school.
And to honor his parents, he chose to go to Starfleet Medical.

He applied to Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical.
He was accepted to both. The first year he spent most of his time in the Academy, learning the basics of what service is.
After that, he spent the rest of his time at Starfleet Medical.
He had to pass the pre-medical studies at the Academy, so he took General Physics 1 & 2.
In the first year, a medical officer needed to study things like bedside manner, medical ethics up to several branchs of xenobiology including genetics and microbiology.
In the second year, Medical Statistics to Diagnosis, Major and Minor Species, Pharmacology, Surgery, Major Humanoid and Non-Humanoid Species.
In the 3rd and 4th year, they do Clinical Rotations, which include Internal Medicine, General Practice and Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry & Mental Health.
4th year, Medical and Surgical Specialties and Critical Care.

With his degree in hand, and a Lieutenant Junior Grade rank, he looked forward to following in his parents footsteps.
Service Record After graduation, served on Space Station 75, as a medical officer. Most cases were due to someone having an accident while loading freight. Or a ship pulls in with injured personnel.

Next assignment was the starship USS Lexington, where he served as one of the medical officers. Usually it was routine, except for the odd pregnant woman or someone on a landing party being injured. The chief medical officer usually always went on the landing parties.

Finally, his chance came. An opening for a chief medical officer on the USS Legacy, opened up, with the rank of Lieutenant. With the recommendations of his department head and the ship's captain, he was accepted.