The Sim

In 2234 construction of the USS Constitution was started in the San Francisco Ship yards and was completed in 2239. After a six month shakedown cruise the USS Constitution was commissioned in a short ceremony while in orbit of Luna in 2340. Later that year construction was begun on several other Constitution Class ships at several ship yards across the Sol System including the planet side facility in Riverside Iowa.

The Constitution class had a saucer shaped primary hull with a cylindrical engineering hull. The impulse engines were housed at the aft end of the saucer section just above the neck that connected the primary and engineering hulls. The warp nacelles were supported by nacelle pylons that connected the nacelles to the engineering hull. A large shuttle bay that housed ten shuttles was located at the aft end of the engineering hull.

There were a wide range of science and medical research labs housed with in the primary hull. These research labs and the extensive suite of sensor systems built into a Constitutions Class ships allowed them to undertake missions of research and exploration. Constitution Class ships were also capable of handling situations of a more tactical nature. There were six dual emitter phaser banks mounted to the primary hull with three mounted to the dorsal surface and three mounted to the ventral surface of the primary hull. There were also two torpedo launchers mounted in the ships neck that covered the forward firing arc. Ships of this class were protected from enemy weapons or the various hazards of deep space.

Ships of the Constitution Class were best suited for exploration near and past the borders of Federation Space. This class of ships were operated as deep space explorers for a total of fifty years before being reassigned to patrol duties within Federation Space were they operated for another twenty years before Starfleet Command made the decision to decommission the class with the last Constitution Class ship was decommissioned in 2415.