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Mutiny on the Mind

Posted on Thu Dec 9th, 2021 @ 7:02am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant Kevin Chambers & Lieutenant Joshua Arras

669 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name
Location: Legacy Bridge


=^= You do not and what you are suggesting, Doctor, is something on the nature of mutiny. Regulation 121 specifically states that you can only remove me if an individual is medically unfit, compromised by an alien intelligence, or otherwise exhibits behavior that indicates seriously impaired judgment. So unless you can provide such evidence and have another chief of staff corroborate your findings, I will not see you for another physical until at least next year. I suggest that you look at your own behaviors very closely, Doctor, if you do not wish to risk court martial proceedings. Captain out. =^= With that, she cut off the comm between the two.

Kevin opened his mouth to say something… but his mouth hung open at the rapid escalation and watched the situation unfold from this side of the conversation.

Arras stormed out of sickbay and took a turbolift to the bridge, and when he got there, he marched to the captain and stopped. "I am putting in my log where I question your fitness for duty, captain. Then you will be required to answer my post, captain. And then the matter goes to Starfleet Medical, captain."

The Captain turned to the Doctor and said, "You're relieved of duty, Mr. Arras. I will not hear your baseless claims any further. Report to your quarters."

"Captain, I am invoking Starfleet Order 104, Section C. Starfleet Order 104 relates to flag officers taking command of a ship, and Section C specifically covers medical officers relieving flag officers of that authority. My medical opinion is that you are not fit for duty."

"At this moment, your mutiny is noted, Doctor." She hit the comm in her chair and said, =^=Lieutenant Osswell, please escort Mr. Arras to the brig. =^=

"Err..." Luke responded, while walking the corridors, "Come again Captain?" he asked wondering what this all was about.

"No need, captain, I know the way." Arras walked towards the turbolift and when it opened, entered and then the doors closed.

He got off on the proper deck. walked into the brig, entered a cell, and sat on the bed. He looked at the confused officer sitting at the control panel and said, "Activate the force field."

The Captain looked around her bridge but did not smile. She merely waited for Lieutenant Osswell to arrive.

Luke arrived moments later, looking around at the bridge. No sign of Lt. Arras, but a quick glance at the computer showed his location in the brig. Looking at the Captain, he said: "I'm confused..."

"There is no reason to be confused, Lieutenant. Mr. Arras, after his mutinous actions decided to comply and went to the brig. You can meet him there and arrange for his counsel on the charges," the Captain responded.

Arras was stretched out on the bunk inside the cell.

Luke thought that the Captain was acting very strange, ever since they got back from that Hellish rock. And now this? Still, he answered dutifully: "Of course, Cindy."

The Captain blinked once and said, "You should not address me familiarly on duty, Mr. Osswell."

The Security Chief straightened and replied: "My apologies.....Captain Jackson. I'll head down immediately." He walked over to his computer console and pressed a button: "Ensign MacTavish, please report to the Bridge and take over for me."

Without waiting for the Ensign's response Luke turned and stepped back into the Turbolift to see Lt. Arras in the brig.

Meanwhile in Sick Bay…

Lieutenant Kevin Chambers stood in Sick Bay for a brief moment before pushing a hand through his hair and wondering what in the good holy hell was going on. Mutiny was not a word that Cindy Jackson would throw around. Or escalate a situation rather than deescalate it.

There was a lot of overreacting going on and a gut feeling that something was off, but he wouldn’t unravel it all from here.

Engineering was the place the CEO ought to be, so that’s where Kevin headed, but not before grabbing a copy of his scan.


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