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Back Under Way

Posted on Tue Jun 15th, 2021 @ 9:28pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant JG Eric Thornton & Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant Kevin Chambers & Lieutenant Joshua Arras & Petty Officer, 1st Class Lee Adama

Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name
Location: Legacy
Timeline: 2261. 257 at 1600

The Captain returned to Legacy with her Chief Security Officer and Chief Engineer. Everything about her demeanor, when she arrived back on the transporter PADD suggested that she was there for business. She turned to Luke and Kevin and said, "Please return to your stations. I am heading to the bridge."

Kevin blinked in some surprise. They had just returned from an Away Mission to a planetoid that, by all intents and purposes, a bit of an enigma. And they weren't going to be checked out by Sick Bay? Wasn't that standard protocol? He was about to point out such a concern but as he raised a finger to do just that, both Captain and Chief of Security had already gone.

"Um." Kevin spoke to an empty transporter room. That was just weird. He was thinking about what had happened during the Mission...

Luke quickly put on a fresh uniform in his quarters before returning to the Bridge, eager to find out what the planetoid was going to do, and whether or not they had not turned the initial problem into a bigger problem. Arriving on the Bridge, it indeed looked like not everything had gone according to plan and that complications arose, ensued, but were overcome.

Once on the bridge, Cindy immediately headed to the Captain's chair. Looking at her helm, she said, "Lieutenant Windsor and Mr. Adama, please resume course to Exosian system, warp factor 5."

Adama nodded. "Aye captain." He tapped the course into the computer. "Course laid in, captain."

The Captain looked ahead at the stars, not saying anything, as the ship headed to warp.

Adama thought that the captain was very quiet, which is not usual for her. "Did everything go alright on the planetoid, captain?"

"We achieved our objective," the Captain answered simply.

"Have we, though?" Luke put forward, "our tricorders were inoperative, how do we know for sure that was Dr. Korby? For all we know it was an alien pretending to be him and we just helped him on his merry little way. For all we know the actual doctor Korby and his team are all dead."

"All the more reason that we must go to the Exosian system to locate the rest of Doctor Korby's ship and scientists," Cindy concluded logically.

Kevin's mind worked on... Wasn't that all the more reason to be checked out by Sick Bay? They had all lost consciousness... "Chambers to Sick Bay."

This seemed incredibly strange to NOT be ordered to Sick Bay right away. And with the Cap's classic hair flip. Before doing anything else, he was going to let Sick Bay know what happened on this Mission. He might be overreacting, but it'd be better hearing that from a Medical Professional rather than a guy who tinkered around with engines.


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