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Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 6:00am by Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Ensign Kael MacTavish

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Chief of Security Office
Timeline: 2261. 248 at 1000

Kael thought about how he was going to introduce himself to the Chief, first impressions are always important. After going thou his normal tick with her arms and tapping his foot he approached the younger man. "Sorry to intrude Lieutenant Osswell, I'm Ensign MacTavish. I've been assigned to the Legacy's security team. Figured now is as good as any to introduce myself."

Luke sat in the big chair opposite of the desk. It had only been a few days since his promotion, and he was still getting used to looking at the office from this new perspective. Never mind that the Ensign in front of him was 2 years his senior. Though Luke figured that that shouldn't really matter, and judging from the Ensign's personnel file, the man knew how to handle himself in a fight, which is what the Legacy needed. "Ah, Ensign MacTavish. Indeed. Glad you are here. Welcome to the USS Legacy. How was the journey? I bet it was a long trip from Starfleet Academy back on Earth?"

"Well compared to some of the journeys I had taken before it, you could say this one was peaceful and quiet," Kael answers as he stops in front of the Lieutenant's desk. "Figured now would be as good a time as any to meet you, answer any questions about myself, and then see if you need anything from me at this moment."

"Glad to hear it, Ensign", Luke said. "As a matter of fact", he continued as he motioned for the new officer to take a seat, "I do have a few questions regarding your...past." He scrolled up and down on the pad that held MacTavish's information. "It says here you used to have anti-Starfleet sympathies. Yet now you are here. Can you elaborate on that?"

"You know that is a real conversation starter, the second people hear about it the people its all they want to know about it." Kael sits down. "It's simple, I grew up in a family that didn't respect or like anything Starfleet or the Federation stood for. Growing up in it I believed it, then I saw what I could have become if I keep those thoughts. So with a little help from a friend, I applied for the Academy. Stuck it out and now I'm here." He explains calmly.

Luke listened to the Ensign's reply. He had heard of these anti-Federation-cum-Starfleet types. Their positions had always baffled him and he never quite understood why they thought as they did. "I'm glad you came around, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Humour me though. You've stated your family, and by extention you, didn't respect or like us and the institutions we represent. So, I am curious, what would you or your family have preferred as a viable alternative?"

Kael leans back into his chair, "They would have wanted an independent Earth, one where humans stand for and with each one else. In their minds and I guess you could say mine as well aliens were the main problem and what were bring us down. Honestly, I'm glad to move past that, I can see how stupid it sounds now. What brought you to Starfleet? Since we deep dived on my past it's only fair if I get to ask what brought you here?"

Luke nodded. "Me, well, my story is far less interesting than yours. My parents worked off-world for the Federation and Starfleet, while I was stuck on Earth growing up. So as soon as I finished high school I applied for Starfleet Academy so that I could see the Universe with my own eyes. So here I am, doing just that."

He then regarded the Ensign for a moment before continuing: "Regarding the ideals you used to stand for, indeed, I expected and must admit that there are a lot of plot holes within that narrative. If anything it was our contact with 'aliens' (which in my view is a relative and pejorative term, or at least used as such too often) that made us become one of the most powerful species in the Alpha Quadrant. There isn't a planet in the Federation with a sizeable human population, often surpassing the locals in number. Especially now that Vulcan has been destroyed, Humans are now without a doubt the dominant faction within the Federation. Add to that the majority of personnel of Starfleet officers in service being Human, I really don't know why these anti-establishment types are so worried. Or perhaps they are just immensely insecure individuals projecting their anxieties on others instead of dealing with their problems."

Luke threw up his hands, "I'm rambling. What is important is that you managed to get out of it. That must have been difficult for you and I would like you to know that I admire that a great deal. I need my people to be at the top of their game 24/7. So if you ever are experiencing doubts or old fears creeping back up, you come talk to me and we put your worries to rest again. Understood?"

"Take my word for it, life as a spacer on an independent ship isn't always the fun adventure it tends to be boring or troublesome." Kael thought back to some of the trips he had made over the years. Kael sat there and listened to the Lieutenant's sales pitch, he was confused as to why he was going over it when he had already given up his previous thoughts on the issues years ago. But he sat there and listened respectfully. "I try to stay on top of all situations I encounter and you don't need to worry about me going back into that mindset, it was years ago that I gave it up and have no plans to go back."

"Good to hear", Luke said. "I'm sure you'll won't be bored any time soon on this ship, you can take my word for that, too", he added with a grin. He grabbed a pad that had been lying on the desk. "Here's your duty roster. I've organised it so you have ample opportunity to familiarise yourself with the ship, its every nook and cranny. We were boarded a while back, we were less prepared than we should have been. I won't let that happen again. Now, did you visit Sickbay already for your physical?"

"I will make sure to get this down and remember it, I haven't had the chance to get down there yet but I will make it my next stop. Is there anything else that you need from me, boss?"

Luke blinked. That was actually the first time anyone had called him "boss" before. "That was all, Ensign," Luke said all boss-like, then with a genuine smile added: "Glad to have you on the team." As the Ensign was leaving, Luke finally started to feel that he might actually be a Chief instead of just a low ranking officer playing at one.


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