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Emergency Interruption

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 12:22am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Commander Elias Walker & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant Steffan Haas & Lieutenant Arev & Lieutenant Joshua Arras & Petty Officer, 1st Class Lee Adama

Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name
Location: Legacy
Timeline: 2261. 257 at 1100

Cindy was sitting comfortably in her Captain's chair. As usual, her gold miniskirt command uniform rode up on her as she crossed her legs, wondering what might be out there. The trips in between starbases and destinations usually were not exciting but this particular time, the communication console started chiming. Something was coming in. Interested, she rose up and asked, "Eli, what do you have?"

"Bear with me, Captain." Eli replied as he worked at his console to clear up the transmission he'd detected. "I'm picking up what seems to be an SOS. We're on the outer most reach for it so it's taking a little time to clear up." He added as his hands worked frantically on his console. "Seems to be a distress call from the colony in the Dahlia System. From what I can make out they have a planetoid heading towards their planet. Seems they have a day, maybe less 'til it hits."

"A planetoid? How's that possible?" Cindy wondered aloud. "Can we get anything on it? How far away are we?"

"We might be able to grab it with a tractor beam, depending on how big the planetoid is. We're about 3 hours away at maximum warp." Eli replied.

Cindy asked Eli the most pressing question, "Is there anyone else in the area?"

Walker looked at his screen, "We're the closest, Captain."

Petty Officer Adama sat at the nav console, already laying in a course for the Dahlia system, in case the captain requested it.

Cindy blew her hair out of her way and then shook it all behind her shoulders. "Alright. Eli, let Starfleet know that we're being diverted." She then grumbled to herself and looked at Arev, I'm sure the Admiral will be thrilled by this. "Arev, see what you can learn about that planetoid. The more information that we have about it, the better we can cope with it." She gave the Romulan a secret and warm smile. "Navigator, plot a course for the Dahlia system. Xenia, how long will it take at warp factor 6?"

"Course already laid in, captain." Adama reported.

Xenia replied next. "8 hours at Warp 6, Captain."

"Make it Warp 8, then. I want to get there more quickly. We need to solve the planetoid problem."

"Aye, Sir," Xenia responded, her fingers laying in the corrections.

Luke ran an extra diagnostic on the ship's tractor beams and weapon system, either would do in diverting the planetoid's course.

"Informing Command, Captain." The Commander said as he tapped out a short message and sent it to the nearest Comms relay for it to be bounce back to Headquarters.

Arev nodded to the Captain and said, "Aye, ma'am. At this distance however, information will be limited. I will keep you informed when more comes available."

Snickering at the "Vulcan" that still refused to even compromise on Captain Cindy, she responded, "Get me as much as you can, as you get it, as well as any theories that might be supported by your data, Arev."

"Once we're closer to the colony I'll be able to contact them and see if they have any information they can share to aid us." The Commander stated.

"Keep an eye on the situation everyone. I want to know when anyone knows anything more about this thing."

"Aye", A'rev simply replied and he got to work setting up a database linked to the sensors to gather specific information about the planetoid. Although sensors couldn't get much more than current course, he could try to figure out where it came from based on its course, speed, and rotational properties.

"There's quite a bit of interference. I'll need to wait till we're a bit closer before I can try and break through." Walker reported as he took his ear piece out from his ear.

"Do the best you can, Eli. We really just need to save the colony. I need best options in a couple of hours."

"As soon as I can break through the interference I'll get as much information as I can, Captain" Walker replied before turning back to his console.

Adama sat at the navigation console, checked his readings, then returned his attention, despite the nearest of Xenia, to the viewscreen.

Arev's face twitched as he couldn't gain any navigational information on the planetoid given its current trajectory and speed. He light out a slight sigh. Point of origin would have been nice to know.


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