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I Want To Break Free

Posted on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 3:42am by Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor
Edited on on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 3:43am

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Starbase Brig
Timeline: 2261. 239 at 0800

The night had been uneventful as one would expect while wasting away time sitting in the brig. Luke Osswell, recently promoted to Chief of Security of the USS Legacy and wearing shiny new Lieutenant pips (or at least, what would become rank pips later on in the canon), sat on a bare bench, hands neatly folded over his lap. What else was there to do? The warden had orders not to fraternise with the inmates, and the cell was lacking in any recreational devices, so there was nothing for Luke to do but sit and do nothing, alone with his thoughts. Fortunately for him, he had a wild imagination and before long he was fighting a horde of trollocs to save the princess from an evil wizard's clutches. The scarcely clad princess bore a striking resemblance to a certain female member of the crew.

Xenia ran into the Brig, slowing as she caught sight of the Security Officer behind the field. "Luke! What happened? I...I had no idea." She pointed behind her. "I just overheard someone say you were down here." She walked the last few feet up to the energy divider.

His eyes lit up when he saw her walking up to his cell, his imagination clearly had been lacking, having her stand before him, seeing her in reality, made his heart pound faster. "Xenia, you are a sight for sore eyes", Luke began. "I actually have no idea, too. Commander Walker and I got into a fight at the bar, and even though we were provoked, the Station's security saw fit to throw me in here. The Captain assured me she'd sort it out, though she seems to be taking her time getting around to it..."

"You and Elias? What were you fighting about?"

He sighed, finding the whole thing so ridiculous, like a bad joke. "Some weird fellow accused me of making him lose the game and set his lackies on us, two bulky Orions. But we showed them. Had station Security not intervened we would have wiped the floor with them, without a doubt. How is Cmdr. Walker, is he out of Sickbay already?"

Xenia paused a moment before it dawned on her. "Oh, you both got into a fight with someone else. For a moment I thought you meant with each other. Like I said, I didn't know anything until I heard a passerby. I can go find out, if you like."

"I think the Captain went to check up on him after I left Sickbay", Luke commented. Then Luke grinned mischieviously. "Oh myy, so is that how you see me? Picking a fight with my superior officer, huh? I Should have thought of that before, I would've started a brawl with you right now, had I not been recently promoted." He paraded his new rank on his uniform. The gesture might have had more effect if they hadn't been separated by a wall of energy, and he hadn't been standing in a brig cell.

Xenia laughed. "No!" It was all she got out before he showed off his new pip. "I'm guessing this," she gestured to him in his cell, "doesn't bode well for a security officer." She chuckled before continuing. "That's okay. Having a bit of a record means you're willing to get dirty, not all lofty and the like. A bit of grit will be good for you." She winked. "So, you want me to spring you from this joint?"

Luke laughed at that. "Lt. Windsor, you are as mischievous outside as you are inside of the bedroom" He winked. "I love it, what did you have in mind? Do you want me to fake an injury, or perhaps something more on a grander, grittier style?"

"Lieutenant, I do enjoy every moment of being...'mischievous,' but this is neither the time nor the place. You can't have an escape from a possibly legitimate imprisonment as the first report after your promotion. Not that I think it's legitimate, but until proven otherwise, we have to treat it as such. Give me 10 minutes, to see what I can pull off. I'll be back shortly, alright?"

"Right", Luke said a little bit disappointed that they weren't actually going to stage a jailbreak. But then he had to acknowledge the fact that despite the events of the last couple of hours he wasn't actually in an episode of The Blacklist. "Maybe the meds they gave me haven't quite worn off yet. Hurry back."

Xenia, nodded with a smile, seeing the disappointment written on his face. The man wore his heart on his sleeve. "I won't let ya down." With that, she turned and left, determined to get results. She contacted the Captain first, then the XO. After talking out the events between the both of them, she finally came back with his release. "Your knight in shining armour has returned!" she announced as she entered the Brig. "No, not yours," she pointed to the Tellarite in the neighboring cell.

When Xenia left, Luke sat down on the bench in his cell again. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, but he was at peace, trusting in Xenia's words. He knew she had succeeded even before she announced it, judging by that big smile on her face. When the forcefield shut down he swooped her into his arms. "Ah, my warrior princess!" he exclaimed, followed by a passionate kiss.

Xenia happily fell into his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. She wasn't shy about outward displays of affection, but even she began to remember where they were when their audience when a few of the other inmates started making crass remarks. Slowly, she pulled away from his lips and looked around at the mixed company. "Y'all are just jealous I got to him first," she replied before stepping back, and pulling him with her. "C'mon, let's not torture them anymore."

Luke grinned and let himself be pulled along. He hadn't even noticed the others, seeing as he only had eyes for her. The walk through the space station and getting back to the USS Legacy went by in a blur as Xenia led him through the corridors.
It felt good this way, the feeling that she got his back.
And he would have hers.


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