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Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 2:38pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 2261. 240 at 1830

Xenia sighed as she stood, fully dressed once again now that her massage was complete. It had been a divine two hours, and she felt completely relaxed and languid. She stepped out of the room but turned back as her masseuse was close behind. "My gratitude, again, Francisco," she said, taking his hands. "I don't know that anyone's worked my muscles quite like you did. I'll be sure to find you when our ship returns this way." They parted with a simultaneous kiss on each cheek, and with a satisfied smile, she strolled into the waiting area to see if Cindy was done with her appointment yet.

Cindy came out, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Spotting Xenia, she asked, "So, did you get your kinks all out?"

"Twice," the brunette answered. "How about you?"

"I lost count," Cindy replied with a laugh. "But we shall keep that between us, shan't we?" she gave Xenia a nod and a wink. "I guess I never realized how badly I needed a lube and tune up."

Xenia nodded herself and smiled. "I love it when I can get everything stretched out." They both walked out of the parlor and into the shopping area. "Francisco's fingers were great at finding all my tight spots."

"Oh, that's lovely," Cindy responded. "I'm just happy that I can still walk. But the question is, now what?"

Her companion shrugged. "We could just shop or browse around here, or go back up to the ship and bask in the relaxation. Or anything else."

"I don't often shop," Cindy admitted. "I've always been more of a Tom boy. Are you any good at it?"

"Being good at it was never the consideration, just browsing about whatever shops interest you. Some offer goods, some food, others services...I think there are some here with physical activity options, if that was the preference. But if you'd rather not, a siesta for the remainder of the afternoon is not an unattractive option. I'll leave the choice to you."

"Food would probably be nice," Cindy replied with a relaxed laugh. She tossed her platinum blonde hair over her shoulders as she did so. "I've worked up an appetite."

Xenia nodded with a smile. "Food, does sound good." They strolled along the open corridor until there was a handful of food vendors. "Let's get a bite while we think about what to do next."


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