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Ensign Meet

Posted on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 @ 12:15pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Ensign Kael MacTavish

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Legacy Corridor
Timeline: 2261. 243 at 0800

Kael paced a little, in his mind, it was weird to meet the Captain of the starship. He was just some Ensign fresh out of the Academy. His arms folded over his chest as he finally stopped. 'Well it was a very short career, guess Talia will have to kill me. The Captain doesn't have a need to see or meet junior crewmen.' Several thoughts like this ran in his mind as he finally approached Captain Jackson.

"Captain, Ensign Kael MacTavish reporting in."

Cindy smiled warmly at the ensign. She wondered what someone his age was doing at such a low rank but for now, she did not ask any questions regarding that. "Nice to meet you, Kael," she told him. "Feel free to call me Cindy. I do not like to stand on rank. We're a team here!"

"Alright then Cindy, it's nice to meet you and be allowed on your ship." He looks around, despite all his time at the Academy, it was still taking some time for him to adjust to being not only around the Federation but being a part of it. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Cindy beamed from ear to ear. Someone finally refused to address her by rank. There was hope for the future! She then smiled mischievously at the ensign and teased, "Is that what you ask all of the ladies?"

Kael let out a laugh, "If only it was that simple, no working on my family's freighters for so long it just gets drilled into your head to ask if there is anything you can do for someone."

"Well, if you ask me, that's quite the set up line, regardless." She smiled broadly at Kael. Looking directly into someone's eyes was a bit of a rarity for her at her statuesque height. "So, why didn't you go into the family business?"

"I'll keep that in mind then." He answers. "I was part of it, as soon as I finished school I began work for them. When I wasn't working I took some engineering classes to help with minor repairs." He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Then I had a wake-up call."

"What do you mean?" Cindy asked curiously.

"Well growing up, me and my family were not the biggest fans of the Federation as a whole. While I was working, I saw what I could have become if I stayed like that. So I throw away my thoughts and gave the Federation a shot. Plus I owed the Lieutenant who saved my backside that much as well."

"Excuse me?" Cindy wondered. "How did you have your rear saved? And why was your family against the Federation? That's rather unusual."

"Well, I learned that an Anti-Federation terrorist that Starfleet was tailing was on our transport. He freaked out." Kael ran his finger across his nose. The officer who was following them, Lieutenant Talia Jennings. Together we stopped him." He took a pause and really thought about the second half of her question. "Personally I think they just didn't like the other aliens out there, that was passed down so hopefully, it stopped at me."

"Why did you help her? You had no love for the Federation or Starfleet, the way that you expressed your feelings before that. Were you hot for her?" Cindy asked with a mischievous smile.

"Well she wasn't the one to give me this scar on my face from dragging a knife across it, political difference or not I tend to side with the person who isn't stabbing me. Was I hot for Talia?" He laughed as he spoke that aloud. "Not really, I mean she is beautiful but we just didn't have that spark. I think the whole Anti-Federation part killed that dead."

"You know, you could have that scar fixed if you wanted. There's no reason to keep that in this day and age, unless you like looking dangerous." Cindy shrugged.

"It's a good reminder to keep, besides it's a real conversation starter." Kael joked.

"There's no doubt about that," Cindy replied with an amused laugh. "So, you're here. Make sure that you report in with Luke, once he gets himself out of the brig. He's our new Chief of Security. I'm sure he would probably prefer that you call him Lieutenant Osswell and that you call me Captain Cindy at the very least. He's rather formal sometimes. Not the greatest racquetball player, either. Do you play?"

"I was planning to do just that, and no worries I can be formal around the people who enjoy or need words like that. Then around you, I can be plenty relaxed with it all." He thought about it for a second. "Honestly, I don't even know what that is so I guess no I don't." He laughed aloud at his own ignorance of the sport.

"Take a racquet and a ball and hit it against the far wall and make the other person miss. Really simple," Cindy replied happily. "But, I'm game for just about any sport."

"Sounds simple enough, you know we went on a deep dive of my life. Care to share a little more about yourself Cindy?"

"What would you like to know?" Cindy asked curiously. "I'm pretty much an open book."

"Could start with the basics, home life, career, family, romantic partner, pets, etc etc." Kael laughs.

"Both mom and dad are quite alive and I have an older brother and sister. I'm the baby," she replied with a short giggle. "I'm quite single. Lots of male friends but nobody to share a bed with and that includes pets. Though, I'm not really certain that pets would be great on a Starship that I'm captaining. I think they might get neglected."

"Interesting." Kael thought quietly to himself for a moment. "What was your first ship like, I'm curious as to how things went when you were in my boots."

"When I was an ensign?" Cindy asked, giving a sly grin. "Well, I was on a science vessel, the Copernicus. It was perfect for me. I was a science officer. It took a year but I got promoted to a Junior Grade Lieutenant before I was asked to transfer."

"Asked to transfer don't tell me, you uncovered a secret plot to overthrow the Admirals...No that's too obvious, you discovered that you had a secret evil twin who was using your face and status to scam those around her. Couldn't be that one, got it. You thought you found the one and transferred to be closer to them, only for them to be a secret Klingon double agent sent to kill you. I know I got to be right with that so am I close?" He spoke in jest.

Cindy laughed hard, throwing back her head as she did so. "Nothing so dramatic. It isn't a secret. It is in my dossier. I was caught having a quickie in the turbolift." Her eyes started turning more blue as she enjoyed herself. "Let's just say we weren't quick enough."

"I can honestly say I would have never guessed that." Kael made a note that her eye color shifted. "I hope that your eyes changing color means you having a good time."

"That?!" Cindy asked, her eyes becoming more blue. "Oh, my eyes do change in color depending on my mood. I advise that you avoid turning them brown." She paused for a moment, got a wicked grin, and then asked, "Why would you not have guessed it?" She started to bait Kael. "Are you suggesting that I am not good looking enough to get some?"

"I will do my best to avoid that then." Kael tilted his head as she grinned and then spoke again. "Seemed so normal, figured it would be the crazy thing no one would expect. Now, this seems like a trap but since you asked, I'm not suggesting that. I think you are plenty good looking enough to 'get some'."

"Suck up," Cindy replied with a teasing laugh, swinging her platinum locks behind her shoulders.

Kael laughed again, "Kael MacTavish is no suck up, I just speak it as it is."

"We'll see," Cindy said smirking. "That also would be what a suck up who did not want to be caught as a suck up would say."

"I guess you have a point in your circular logic, no matter what I say or do it would seem as someone sucking up unless I was jerk. But we both know I'm not going to intentionally say or do something to insult you, so it would seem we are at an impasse unless you have an idea."

"You could always find a flaw in me," Cindy offered. "Or, hmmm...." She thought for several moments, "Nope. Anything I ask you to do could potentially be misinterpreted, so I guess you're just going to have to be creative."

"Misinterpreted? As long as you explain it I don't think anything can be misinterpreted, well if I have to get creative that eliminates gifts and saying nice things since both of those would just look like brown-nosing. A true puzzle we have on our hands Cindy."

"You, not we," Cindy replied with a laugh, her now crystal blue eyes replied sparkling. "After all, I'm the Captain. While I do not normally like to pull rank, it does offer me some privileges."

"You're funny Captain, I look forward to what life will throw at us." Kael looks at her crystal blue eyes.

"Indeed, Kael. But don't forget, call me Cindy." She gave Kael a wink. "Well, I'm sure that you have someone to report into, so I will let you go about your business."

Kael gives Cindy a small salute sliding two of his fingers across his temple and points at her for a moment, "All depends on the situation, Boss."

Cindy had to admit that she appreciated the Ensign's straightforward personality. "Well, in this situation, it means letting someone else know that you're officially here."

"Indeed, I suppose I should part ways with you at least for now. Got to know what door I will stand in front of and protect for the time being." Kael jests.

"You never know," Cindy responded. "The door that you protect could be mine. I think that would be pretty important."

He smiled, "I wouldn't complain if I got that assignment."

Completely oblivious to the flirtation, Cindy responded, "I would hope you would not complain with any assignment. Just make sure that you're enjoying yourself here."

"No worries, I wouldn't complain about it but I will do my best to enjoy my time," Kael answered, a little surprised she didn't pick up on the flirtation.

"Great! I'll look forward to seeing you around, Kael," Cindy responded with a genuine and large smile.

"Until next time, Cindy." Kael nodded his head, leaving to go find the Chief of Security.


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