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Take Two

Posted on Sun Oct 27th, 2019 @ 3:12pm by Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Luke Osswell

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Osswell's Quarters
Timeline: 2261. 227 at 0745

They fell back down in the pillows, catching their breaths. At some point in the night they had exchanged the couch for the bed (and just about every piece of furniture en route to the bed). Luke was completely spent, but as he turned on his side towards Xenia, seeing her pretty sweaty face, he felt his desire rise once more. He gently shifted his arm under her so she could rest her head on his chest.

But then suddenly: BEEP BEEP BEEP! It is 07:45.

The night was over. Their day shift about to begin. As Luke's mind was slowly readjusting to that fact, he started noticing some things around him. Cloths strewn about the room, bottles and cups lying on the floor, and...was that his table, broken in two? It was also clear the bed was in dire need of a thorough cleaning. It felt a bit damp, maybe even soggy. Come to think of it, Luke felt incredibly thirsty.

Xenia turned away from the noise, groaning. It couldn't be wake-up time yet, right? But the shifting of the bed, and her peek through one half-closed eye over her shoulder to find him watching her. "What?" she asked to the look on his face. "I don't wanna get up. You wore me out."

He chose not to answer right away. Instead he committed every detail of her face to memory. The room was still semi-dark, the lights set on low illumination, mimicking an early morning as if he was back in his home town on Earth. But it was bright enough that for the first time since last night, he could actually see her properly. And after such a night as last night, he felt it important to commit everything he could of it to memory. Because, and this is when he replied to her: "it was a night the kind of which I didn't think I would ever experience...".

Through her heavy eyelids, she still managed to raise a brow at him, and did a horrible job at masking the chuckle that escaped her. "That good, yeah? Sakes, you sound like a blimey who just 'ad his first go 'round." She bodily turned over to face him, positioned as if she was getting exciting news. "This wasn't your first time, was it?" With the grin on her face, it was obvious she was teasing him.

He felt his cheeks redden to the colour of a tomato as he blushed. Smiling a little bit awkwardly, he turned his head away for a moment, showing cute dimples hiding under a heavy layer of stubble. "No, it wasn't," he said as he chuckled a little bit, "though it was definitely the best time," he added. He leaned in to steal a quick kiss, but it lasted long enough so that the term 'quick' had lost its meaning. After their lips had unlocked again, he said: "Apologies for my earlier comment, it was a line from a song I know in my own language. It sounds less cheesy in Dutch, trust me." He smiled apologetically.

The smirk that played across her features gave away the amusement she felt, watching him squirm. But when he stole a kiss, she couldn't help but lean in for more, he tasted so good! She was happy for it to continue on as long as they could. But he pulled back to explain himself. His excuse surprised her, she had no idea he was Dutch, not that she supposed she should have. But she understood how messages could get lost in translation. Still, it didn't stop her from taking advantage of the situation. "Maybe...if you do that thing with your pinky finger that worked so well earlier again." She sighed and let her eyes roll back in her head, demonstrating her original reaction.

All thoughts of reporting for duty on time that were trying to escape the clutches of a mind otherwise occupied were vanquished without a trace, as his desire for Xenia took hold of him once more. "Hmm....", Luke mused. "Only if you do that thing with your tongue as well..." Grinning slyly, he went in for another kiss before she could even agree to his terms, and a moment later both of them were back on the bed horizontally again.

They landed on the bed in such a way that she was left on top of him. Without any hesitation she planted her knees on either side of him. Her hands slid down his arms until her fingers wove into his, and she lifted them over his head, pinning them together against the mattress. Looming over his face, it was her turn to grin. "You mean this thing?" she asked as she kissed him, simply at first, but seeking entrance until he opened his mouth to her and her tongue could mingle with his in a sensual dance. "Or this?" she sked after coming up for air and moving to his ear where her mouth sucked and pulled on his earlobe, then toyed with the hollow beneath his ear. After a few moments, she lifted her head away just a bit to whisper in his ear, "Or the other thing?"

Luke returned her kisses eagerly, happy to follow her lead, his mind and body lost in the flames of passion. Looking up at her as she loomed over him, he noticed how strong she was, keeping his hands firmly pinned there against the mattress. This fuelled his passion further, only the be fed even more as she moved her kisses down to his earlobe and neck. It was as if a thousand tiny needle pricks ran over his body in rapid succession. Wasn’t he supposed to do something with his little finger? Well, as long as she had him pinned, that wasn’t going anywhere. He barely registered her questions asking which thing he liked most and was definitely unable to give out more than an unintelligible groan of pleasure in return. But that didn’t matter, she knew what she was doing, she knew it very well.

Xenia grinned, listening to his reaction. He obviously wasn't one to hold back, and she liked that. In the meantime, she gave him a sample of the third option, which he seemed to enjoy the most, based on vocal feedback. So she continued until he'd had his fill, eventually returning back to eye level with him. She curled up next to him, her head on his shoulder, waiting for him to be coherent once more.

It felt so good. And it continued to feel good even after. With her curled up next to him, her head on his shoulder, his fingers brushing through her hair, he felt completely relaxed, satisfied and safe. She felt toasty and comfortable as her body laid against his, her skin soft as satin. He focused on the rhythm of her breathing calmly on his neck, and noted how her muscles tensed and breathing intensified as his pinky finger found its mark, keeping true to the bargain they had made earlier.

She changed position, to give him easier access to her, and threw her head back, making sure he knew he was doing everything just right. And he kept at it, bringing her closer to falling over the edge. She locked eyes with his, which turned her on even more until she fpind the release she'd been looking for. As she caught her breath, and her heart rate came down, she smiled at him. "You certainly have a way with me."

Having locked eyes, Luke experienced everything with her as he had rarely experienced it before. His other hand held hers tight, both of them entirely consumed within each other's gaze. He answered her with a long and deep kiss. "And you with me." He said. After that there was silence as they just laid there, trapped in the wonderful afterglow of a night unlike any other. Luke played with her strands of her hair, the curve of her neck. It was as if time stood still....

But then again, suddenly: BEEP BEEP BEEP! It is 09:00

Xenia groaned, but turned over, away from Luke. "Do we have to get up?" she whined. As reluctant as she was, she still grinned back his way. The night had been a wild ride, and while she wasn't ready to get up, she supposed he might have to be on duty.

Indeed, he was supposed to be on duty in half an hour. So, even though Luke also didn't feel like getting out of bed any more than Xenia did, the well-trained Security Officer in him finally took back control. Stroking his finger down to the tip of her nose, he smiled at her and said: "I have to, but you don't." He got out of bed and caught the reflection of his naked self in the mirror. Oh myyy... He looked a genuine mess. He desperately needed a shower and a good shave. He stepped toward the bathroom like a man with purpose, but halted at the entrance looking back at Xenia, a mischievous grin on his face. "Of course, I wouldn't want to stop you if you suddenly decided to join me in the shower...."

She watched him pad away to the head, from her back. When he poked his head back out, she rolled over in a feline fashion and grinned after him. "Maybe I will, maybe I won't," she teased. She continued grinning as he ducked back into the bathroom and toyed with what to do. Not that there was much of a decision to make. She did find it fun to make him wonder, though. He might as well know early on how unpredictable she could be. Or he could find out later, she thought as images of Luke naked in the shower flooded her mind. She turned herself to a sitting position and followed in his earlier footsteps. One last hurrah before duty called.


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