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A Solid Defense But An Even Better Offense

Posted on Sun Oct 27th, 2019 @ 4:44pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Luke Osswell

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Racquetball Courts
Timeline: 2261. 227 at 1720

After two days of not being able to have her racquetball match with Luke, due to her having to deal with Captain tasks and the increasing issues associated with Jane and Vivyra. She could not pinpoint what the issues were. She just knew, now, like Bec, that something was wrong. However, some racquetball would relieve her stress and might clear her head enough to solve the problems.

Excitement was all over Cindy's face. Her heart was beating a little faster than normal and she had yet to work out. There was something about Luke. She could not say what it was but there was something about him that she just had to explore. She could not put her finger on it but it had been more than a year since she last felt anything resembling this. Holding two racquets in one hand and a couple of racquetballs in her other, the only thing that was missing was Luke, himself. I can't wait to see how he looks in shorts. Get a good look at his ass. YUM!

Alright, so after a hot and sweaty night with Xenia, fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol and dominated by the passions of the flesh that lasted until early morning, Luke felt both relaxed and reborn (because of the latter), but also sick and dead inside (because of the former). It was an interesting sensation, and would fascinate many a doctor. Except that he wasn't a doctor, and severely disliked hangovers. He had gone through the working day through hypo's and re-hydration packs. He felt much better now, but good enough to match the captain in a game? He was not so sure... Not to mention that his hormones were still all over the place. He had barely gotten any work done, and all the females in the room provided a constant distraction. As he walked into the gym he saw that he was about to get a much bigger distraction, as Captain Cindy, or, he supposed he should call her Cindy now that they were off duty, stood there waiting for him, wearing a tight and sporty outfit sexy enough to make his mind spin on a normal day and even more so now.... But this was his captain, he'd have to tread carefully....

"Luke!" Cindy welcomed him happily, not noticing that there was any weariness to Luke's gait. "I am very glad that you could make it." She smiled warmly at him and then reached behind her head and tied up her platinum blonde locks into a ponytail, making the full scope of her face visible to him. "So, you told me that you had never played racquetball before. Have you played squash or tennis?"

Distracted indeed Luke thought as Cindy pulled her hair back. "Hi Ca... Cindy", Luke replied cheerfully, although he felt his ears glow. "Yes, I played tennis as a kid", he answered, "but that was a long time ago. Admittedly, I know almost nothing of racket-ball. However, I am eager to learn and blow of some steam." Yes, Luke thought, that was the answer, all that restlessness he would throw into the game, completely exert himself. He felt better already having decided this.

Cindy giggled. "Physical activity is great for blowing off steam!" she enthused. "But, you probably should know the differences between tennis and racquetball. The basic concepts are the same. You hit a ball and the opponent plays it next. However, the ball is much smaller, as is the racquet." She held out a racquet and ball to Luke.

Taking the racquet their fingers brushed, they felt warm and extremely soft. But Luke beat any thoughts concerning that back down with the mental equivalent of a bulldozer crushing a tiny kitten to mush (this might be viewed as a little extreme and very graphic, but it killed his sexual vibe at least for now, which was the whole point, after all, this was THE CAPTAIN!). "I see", Luke said, inspecting his racquet, "you know, I've always wandered how the opponents keep from accidentally knocking each other out?" This had been a poor attempt at humour.

Electricity ran through Cindy's body when Luke touched her hand. She had not felt anything like this since.... She tried to shrug off the one man from her mind that nearly derailed her career. Certainly, Luke was nothing like that. Laughing lightly at Luke's small bit of humor, Cindy simply said, "It is tight quarters. You will just have to figure out how to be more agile than I." She flushed slightly before adding hastily, "on the court."

Was she flirting again? It sounded as if she was flirting. Again inwardly fighting off a wave of emotions, some more conflicting than others, he tested out his racquet by giving it a few swings. The racquet had a good grip and was was very light to handle. "Well then," he said with an air of excitement, "Let's see then, shall we?" Without waiting for her reply, he took up position facing the wall, racquet held ready.

Cindy strutted to the area between the red lines, making sure that Luke was well aligned to see her rear. She turned her head towards him, grinned and said, "I hope you're ready for this." She turned her head back towards her racquet, bounced the ball, struck it. It hit against the far wall and caroomed beyond the double red lines, low and towards the corner wall where Luke would be forced to use his backhand to have a chance of keeping the ball in play.

His eyes followed every curve, every move as it bounced up and down, almost too late he realised he was supposed to pay attention to the ball also, not just the buttocks of the woman hitting it. Dashing quickly, he managed to strike the ball smack in the middle of his racquet with his backhand, making it fly back towards the wall, causing it to race straight back at Cindy.

The Captain could not believe what she saw. Somehow Luke got to the ball and smacked it. Not only did he smack it, the ball was heading directly at her. Working more on instinct than strategy, she dodged forward and then headed towards the front wall, hoping to catch the ball if it somehow made it to the front wall and tip that first bounced back against the wall. Surely enough, the ball reached that front wall and gave Cindy a short hop. She dove at the ball and tipped it against the front wall. She doubted that Luke would get there in time but his reaction at her diving interested her. Could he handle a woman that went all out?

Everything happened so fast that everything was a blur. The ball was so far away! Luke dived forward but instead of the ball his racquet hit nothing but air, and then the ground, with him crashing into it not soon after... "Ouch...", he groaned as he lay panting on the floor. "You move faster than light, Cindy," he said in-between taking breaths.

Cindy walked over to Luke and bent over him. She got her face close to his and asked, "Are you alright? Do you need a doctor? Or should I take a look at what's ailing you?"

Having his captain's face so close to his in this manner brought out that old alarm bell Luke had in his head. Yes, he knew he had told her he'd call her Cindy when off duty, but that didn't make her any less of a captain in his mind. And as things stood, or giving their current position on the floor, lay, his captain's face was way too close to her Lieutenant's. What was she getting at? he wondered. "I'm alright", Luke said after getting his breath back. Getting up he noticed the chafing on his arm where he skidded over the floor. "'Tis but a scratch."

Cindy backed away and held her breath. Not a wimp. Definitely going the right direction. She exhaled heavily and then inhaled purposely, allowing Luke to see her every curve and tight abs. "Well, if you're sure that you still want to give the game a chance...." She walked over to the ball and bent low, picking it up, emphasizing her rear for Luke's visual pleasure. She rose and moved back to the area between the red lines, readying herself to serve again.

Despite the stinging in his arm, Luke felt mightily aroused by Cindy (who was his captain!). It took all he had not to reach out and pull her down push his lips into her belly button and other places. Instead he desperately sought for ways to fight back the urges. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! It worked, though, disconcertingly enough, not as well as Luke would've preferred.

"Yes! Let's continue", Luke said. He kicked himself up and landed on his feet in a quick yet graceful arc. Now that there was some distance between the two of them, Luke had less trouble keeping his mind focused as his captain again sought to awaken his more basic instincts. "Give it all you got...", Luke said as he readied himself.

"If you insist!" Cindy replied with a mischievous grin on her face. Cindy served the ball again. This time, she sent it heading directly at Luke. She turned her head to see how he would handle it and plan her next shot.

Keep your eye on the ball, keep your eye on the ball. Well, keeping your eye on the ball isn't hard when the thing is coming right at you! Luke didn't think, instead he instinctively reacted as he had learned to do during the multitude of hand-to-hand combat training sessions: he evaded. With one quick move, almost blurring to the eye, he made a sort of pirouette, while at the same time holding his racquet so that he would automatically hit the ball when coming to an almost 360, careening it back for Cindy to handle.

Cindy smiled as she practically pranced to the area where the ball go and struck it back towards the wall. It was an easy return. One that she could take her time and watch Luke as he went after it.

Luke did not waste the opportunity he was so kindly presented with. He had the time to find the best position to hit the ball in the sweet spot of his racquet, launching it forward to the wall before it was sent back with an amazing speed towards Cindy, who now regretted her mistake of keeping an eye on him rather than on the ball...

Deftly, Cindy leaped out of the way. Unfortunately for her, the leap took her out of position and allowed the ball to hit the opposite wall and bounce before Cindy could recover to hit the ball back. She smiled mischievously at Luke and said, "So, you like to play dirty, do you?" She then looked him up and down and with obviously innuendo said, "Nice point."

Luke instinctively bent a little more forward in an effort to hide that point. He thought to make it seem as if he was getting back into position, but both of them knew that was but a poor attempt. He felt his face heat up again. His thoughts were all over the place. Cindy was his captain, his CAPTAIN! No matter how hot and sexy she may look being all dressed up in a tight revealing outfit, glistening with sweat, he would not go there. No, Sir. He was a professional. But what about last night with Xenia? But THAT was different. They weren't sober, they weren't in a public space where anyone could walk in on them and XENIA WASN'T HIS CAPTAIN!
All that went on in his head. But he kept his face as cool as he possibly could and said: "I am a fast learner."

A deepening grin crossed Cindy's face. "Oh, that is good to know," she told Luke, her voice becoming slightly more sultry. Her face took on a more mischievous look as she waited. She noticed that Luke's cheeks were getting red. "Have I worn you out already? Your cheeks seem to be burning...."

Baseball...cold showers.... "Worn me out? Ha! You wish. I have the stamina of a stallion!" Luke exclaimed euphorically, anything to distract him from her and her advances. "So are you staying there talking, or are you going to show me what you really got?"

"Stallion, eh?" I wonder what it would be like to ride him. "Lots of stamina, you say?" Definitely a good thing. "So far, I hear lots of talking and not a lot of action, Luke." She gave him and even more meaningful grin. "Besides, it is your serve. I'm waiting on you. Make your move."

With all the innuendo's flying around Luke would almost forget he was trying NOT to get caught up in inappropriate sexual relations with this commanding officer. Especially now that she was becoming more bold in her remarks. But he would show her he could take it. He was strong and could fight whatever hormones and blood flows raged through his body. So he made his move, and hit the ball so hard Luke was sure his ears popped. The ball bounced back off the wall and came rushing back at him, too fast to duck aside.

Caught between wanting to laugh and concern for Luke, Cindy struggled to not snicker. She rushed up to him and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. It inched closer to his neck as she inspected his body. "Come on. Let's get that shirt off, now. We need to check and see how bad the damage is."

Alarm bells and sirens in his head went off once more as Luke felt the situation move out of hand fast. He started to protest but Cindy made a face that made it clear she wouldn't take no for an answer. Even though he was trained to deal with scrapes and bruises for the better part of his adult life and even though the Captain was not a medical practitioner, somehow he found himself without his shirt on next to his captain, who was drooling over him like a cat in heat.

"Oh, that's definitely going to hurt." She looked up into his eyes and said, "I think I shall have to kiss it and make it better." Without waiting for a protest from Luke, that is exactly what she did. And, she did not stop kissing him, as she slowly kissed upwards to his mouth. When she got there she told Luke, "I've seen how you look at me. I want it, too. Just enjoy."

And with that, the resistance within him broke. He had put up a good fight, but in the end, she, his captain, had managed to slip through the cracks, penetrate and dismantle his defences. He did not do anything at first, he just let it happen. Then, as her lips moved up towards his, he crashed his mouth into hers, the racquetball match forgotten...


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