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Engineer's Log 2261.182 1130

Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 5:50pm by Lieutenant Naryi Avonavi
Edited on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 5:52pm

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Perhaps Ardana is just as diverse culturally as Earth is and my circumstances never allowed me to experience its variety. But the origins of the Legacy made me think of an old Earth song by a twentieth-century singer.

The song, entitled "One Piece At A Time", sung by Johnny Cash, is a ballad about a worker at a factory who purloins different pieces of a luxury transportation device called a Cadillac from his workplace and reassembles them at his residence. The theft of the various parts takes several years and, since the Cadillac receives upgrades on a yearly basis, the conglomerate of the purloined parts has a unique appearance and not a wholly functional one.

Upon receiving my assignment as Chief Engineer for the Legacy, I had a foreboding feeling that the Legacy would be the starship version of Johnny Cash's Cadillac.

Obviously, if I had used a modicum of reasoning, I would realize my fears would be unfounded. But when you find yourself as the Chief Engineering Officer of a Constitution Class starship with only a handful of years between you and the Academy, you can be forgiven for allowing your imagination to go wild.

Instead of finding a Frankensteinean creation put together with no regard to whether the salvaged elements used to construct the Legacy were still spaceworthy or not, I found a starship that is the equal, if not the superior, of any ship in the fleet.

Not all of the Legacy comes from ships that fell to Nero at the Battle of Vulcan. The laws of physics and the requirements of engineering simply wouldn't allow for this. I know that there are a wide range of opinions on the salvaged parts of other ships from which the majority of the Legacy is composed of. I have heard one or two feel that this means the Legacy is haunted, or cursed, or some other superstition. Others feel the souls lost at the Battle of Vulcan will watch over the Legacy.

For myself, I am satisfied that the Legacy meets or exceeds all of Starfleet's engineering requirements.


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