Admiral's Nurse

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 8:14pm by Ensign Martha Wachahunka

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Personal Log, Ensign Martha Wachahunka, Stardate 2260.182

Bakergood Manor looks like something out of a historical romance. But pretty much all of Great Britain looks that way to me. Not that I've seen much of the island. Just the part that I flew over to reach Old Scone, Scotland, where Bakergood Manor is located.

It's hard for me to believe I've never been anywhere in the British Isles. When Grandfather George took me to Paris when I was ten, I know he talked about taking me to London to see a show, but events didn't allow us to make it. Since then, for some reason or other, any time I made a trip to Europe, I never made it over to Britain.

Amazing that I've been light years away from Earth, but have never made it the fifty odd kilometer to reach the other side of the English Channel.

And now I will be living for the foreseeable future in a building that looks like it came from a Jane Austen novel.

Or Sir Walter Scott. I'm afraid British fiction all runs together for me.

Anyway, an assignment as the personal nurse for a retired admiral wasn't what I was expecting when I graduated the Academy.

I entered Starfleet Academy as a qualified nurse, and graduated a very qualified nurse in numerous specialties, as well as being to treat nonhuman species. Assignment on a starship, or perhaps on Starbase Yorktown.

Instead, I found myself as the personal nurse to a retired flag officer.

I am not saying that the duty is beneath me. Quite the contrary. From the official record, Baron Bakergood served Starfleet and the Federation long and honorably. Off the record, from comments that I have heard from my grandfather and others, the Baron's official and public record doesn't do him justice.

I spent most of myfirst day conferring with the Baron's physician and staff, and only a short time with the Baron himself. He is what my mother would call a 'character,' though I suspect that he affects a persona like my Grandfather August does, to give people what they expect to see and hear.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Time for sleep. End log.



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