Captain's Personal Log 2261.182 2000

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 10:45pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson

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Cindy had stripped down and tucked herself into bed. Physically, she new that she was tired but she was too excited to sleep. She had tossed and turned on her pillow trying to find the right position to relax, but sleep would not come. Perhaps the only way to do anything about this was to get her first day on Legacy out of her system.

She told the computer, "Computer, start the Captain's personal log."

The computer acknowledged and said, "Captain's Personal Log started on Stardate 2261.182 2000."

"Wonderful. Record." Cindy paused for a moment and then bubbled. "I feel like that woman Eliza Doolittle when she learned how to speak English properly. I want to sing like she did. 'I could have danced all night!' What a wonderful day today has been! I got to meet nearly all of my Chiefs, my XO and even some crew! Who could have asked for anything more? There was only one blemish on the day but I don't want to start with that.

"No, let's start with the great stuff! I got to meet my XO. She likes to go by Bec. Apparently she really hates her first name. No idea why. Charlotte is such a pretty name and it would have been really fun to be C&C or Cindy and Charlie but she would have nothing of it. She's a bit of a stick in the mud, kind of like Phil, but I sense something more in her. Maybe it was because I was teasing her about her twin brother, who, by the way does sound very cute. I'm going to have to find a time when she's talking to him and just casually walk in on them. OK. I know. I can't do that, but still, I can want to, can't I?

"My Chief Medical Officer, Cole.... He's such a sweetie! He wants to take special care of me. Now, I'm no fragile flower. He doesn't understand that yet, but he will. I think I make him nervous. I wish I knew why. One minute, we were having the most friendly conversation and the next, he remembered how much work he had to do." Cindy shrugged in bed. "Oh, well. I'm sure we will get to talk again soon. He did promise me a time slot for my physical as soon as he could.

"Naryi is my Chief Engineer. She seems a bit stuck on protocol and a bit philosophical for my tastes. Phil would have probably loved her. Frankly, I like her too. She has a way of talking that just puts you at ease but makes you think, as well. She's bookish but I did get her to agree to come out and probably join a racquetball league that I intend to form. I think it will be good for her.

"And, oh my God! Azelya is just precious! She's got the most striking blue eyes and red hair. I really like her. I think she really likes me, too. She couldn't keep her eyes off of mine and asked so many questions. I think she wants to trust me but security officers, you know how they are.... They take time to open up but she did so much opening up today! I was so proud that she could confide in me. I bet that we will will be besties in no time!

"My Chief Science officer worries me. Alistair Hallewell. He thinks that he's better than everyone else. That attitude is going to have to change. And the way that he treated Ensign Glenn when she ordered a drink that was different from the way that he would have liked it...." Cindy shook her head. "You would have thought that two British people would get along together but the room must have chilled twenty degrees if you looked at the daggers the two threw at each other. Considering science was my department, I do not like seeing this dynamic. I wish I knew how to change it. I might want to talk to the Doctor or Bec about this. I'm sure that they might have some suggestions. And I thought that they might make such a cute couple.... Ah, well. Then again, Neza was not overly thrilled to meet me either. Is this what people in the science department are being taught now? Maybe I need to check with the Academy teachers. Very odd."

Cindy yawned. "Well, computer, I am finally tiring out. Please end the log."

The computer acknowledged, "Log entry closed."

Within moments, Cindy was asleep for her first time on Legacy.



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