Ensign Martha Wachahunka

Name Martha Ashley Wachahunka

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth August 30, 2234
Place of Birth Enoch, Alberta, Canada

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Martha has a smooth, reddish-brown complexion, a femininely athletic form, long, straight hair that reaches to the middle of her back, a pleasant oval face that seems to alternate only between a very serious look and a cloud breaking sunny smile


Spouse None
Children None
Father Martin Wachahunka
Mother Deanna Wachahunka
Brother(s) David Wachahunka
Paul Wachahunka
Peter Wachahunka
Sister(s) Miranda Callingbull
Other Family Samuel Callingbull (brother-in-law)
Captain George Wachahunka (ret., paternal grandfather)
George Wachaunka II (uncle)
August Walker (maternal grandfather)

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance None
Friends Vice Admiral Offen Bakergood (ret)
Arai Tigore

Personality & Traits

General Overview Martha is an affable young woman, dedicated to her duties and reluctant to engage in social activities that take her away from her assignments or her pursuit of self-actualization.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Martha seeks to follow the seven traditional teachings of the Anishinaabe. To this end, it does help her develop the qualities of an excellent nurse and Starfleet officer, but it does make her overly critical of herself at time.
Ambitions To become a better person, not only individually, but in whatever community she exists in.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Okichitaw (taught to her by her Uncle George, of which she is now an instructor of as well)
Prairie Flowers
Traditional Plains Cooking, Hunting and Gathering
Robert Burns

Languages Known English, Cree, (limited) French
Psychological Profile Duke-Heidelburg quotient rating of 262
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs Wisdom -- To cherish knowledge is to have wisdom.
Love -- To know love is to know peace.
Respect -- Is to honour all of the Creation.
Bravery -- Is to face the foe with integrity.
Honesty -- To be sincere when facing a situation.
Humility -- Is to know yourself as a sacred part of the Creation.
Truth -- Is to know all of these things and live them.

Personal History The second of the four children of Martin and Dr. Deanna Wachahunka, Martha spent most of her life growing up in the confines of the North American Great Plains Restoration Project. Her mother was the chief megafaunist of the project, focusing on the health and expansion of the Project's buffalo herd, while her father was the lead emergency medical technician, caring for project members injured in remote locations.

Martha became something of a "Daddy's Girl" growing up, following her father everywhere, and even becoming something of an expert in the traditional cooking of Great Plains Native, though she has incorporated elements of the cooking styles of other First Nations. She would also become her Uncle George's star student, and served as his lead instructor until she went to the Academy.

Like most of the children of the adults associated with the Restoration Project, Martha received a combination of "home schooling" and classroom taught by the various members of the Project. This resulted in her being able to "test out" of a number of university courses and earning a bachelor's degree in biology at a relatively young age.

Martha's attraction to a nursing vocation was spurred in part by her time following her father in his work while she grew up. When she earned her nursing degree, she immediately went to work at the small hospital in Poplar, Montana, which was also the administrative center for the Restoration Project.

If Martha was something of a daddy's girl growing up, she was also a granddaddy's girl, listening to the stories of both her maternal (Grandfather August) and paternal (Grandfather George) grandfathers. If her maternal grandfather deepened her roots in her Plains Native heritage, her paternal grandfather enticed her imagination with his stories of Starfleet. After a couple of years of working as a nurse at Poplar Hospital, her Grandfather George convinced her to apply for Starfleet Academy.

In light of everything that happened while she was at the Academy, Martha was expecting an assignment that would be more...lively...than being assigned as the personal nurse of a long retired Starfleet Vice Admiral. The assignment, however, was done because of her relationship (granddaughter) to a past crewmember of the Bosphorus. There were quite a few of Baron Bakergood's past crewmembers who were concerned with his declining health, and wanted to make sure he had a nurse who was motivated to tend to him.

Baron Bakergood was against this from the start, and thought it was a waste of proper Starfleet resources. The Baron did become impressed with young Martha's skills and dedications, but after a year, decided enough was enough and, when the opportunity presented itself, procured a starship assignment for Martha.

Martha did spend her time at the Baron's manor in Old Scone to broaden her knowledge about Scotland in specific and Britain in general. She did become enamored with the works of Robert Burns during her year at the Bakergood Manor, but never developed a taste for deep fried foods of any sorts.

Education Record 2252 -- received Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Alberta
2254 -- received Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Alberta
2260 -- graduated Starfleet Academy with major in exobiology, with extensive training in nonhuman medical procedures
Service Record 2256-2260 -- Starfleet Academy
2260-2261 -- Personal Nurse, Vice Admiral Offen Bakergood (ret)
2261 -- Nurse, USS Legacy