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Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name
Location: Legacy

The Captain had remained oddly still and quiet on the bridge. For the three hours after she had sent the doctor to the bridge, she sat quietly, almost unnaturally still. The only movement from the Captain came when she was required to sign documents or answer a question. Otherwise, the normally chatty and friendly Captain who seemed to want to be everyone's friends, was anything but chatty or friendly. It was not as though the Captain was unfriendly; however, she was not going out of her way to be more than cordial, either.

Captain Jackson, hearing the beeps and whirs, knowing that the planet that Doctor Korby had been investigating was now near, said, "Please scan the planet for signs of Doctor Korby's crew and ship."

Petty Officer Adama started scanning the surface of the planet. "Reading a crashed ship on the surface, captain."

Captain Jackson responded, "Life signs?"

"I'm reading multiple life signs, captain...much more than what was reported on Dr. Korby's ship." Adams reported.

"That does not seem to match Doctor Korby's information. Can you identify whether there are any settlements or what kind of beings are down there?"

Adama nodded. "Scanning." After a few moments, "Sensors have detected a settlement 5 km's from the crash site, captain."

"Thank you, Mr. Adama." Over the comm she announced, =^= Lieutenant's Osswell, Chambers, and Finnegan, please report to the transporter room. =^=

'Well fuck,' thought Kevin Chambers to himself as he heard the call to report. Going on another Away Mission? This one with someone who was certainly not Cynthia Jackson. At least not the damned one he'd graduated with from Starfleet Academy. Her behavior after returning just... didn't sit well with him. He should have said something before now, but... what had happened to the Doctor rattled him a bit.

The Brig? For asking a question? Well, he HAD gotten a little... enthusiastic?... but still... the BRIG? He shook his head to clear it for a moment and realized that he would have to do something more than just a little creative to make sure this little personality twist didn't happen to anyone else... especially the Chief of Security. Oh, and himself. Engineering was pretty damned important too.

Which they would discover if anything DID happen to anyone else. =^= Chambers here, Captain. On my way. =^=

The Captain waited patiently for Osswell and Finnegan to arrive. Little did Chambers and the Captain know that Arras and Osswell had other ideas.

Aislynn thought it strange that they were all meeting at the transporter room but nonetheless made her way down there. She chided herself for being late so practically jogged from the Science labs to where she needed to go and found she was actually panting a bit. "Great first introduction to the others" she muttered under her breath. "Lieutenant Finnegan, reporting as ordered."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Cindy looked at her gathered group. "Where is Mr. Osswell?"

"Present," Luke stated, intentionally foregoing any mention of name or rank. He held a phaser in his hand, though it was pointed down at the moment. His face looked as if made of stone, set with determination. Behind the Chief Security Officer stood a defiant Lt. Arras. Before anyone had a chance to react. Luke said: "Computer, initiate scan." There was a BEEP! and a BOOP! and a zooming sound as a scanning beam passed through the entire ship. "Please confirm the presence of Captain Cindy Jackson and Lieutenant Chambers on the ship," Luke asked the computer.

//\\ Lieutenant Kevin Chambers is in Transporter Room 1. Captain Cynthia Jackson has not been on board the USS Legacy since stardate 2261.257, 1415 hours //\\.

That was the time Luke, Kevin and Cindy had beamed to the planetoid....

Luke aimed his phaser towards fake-Cindy. To the others he ordered: "Move away from her, or whatever it is pretending to be our captain...."

Cindy looked at Mr. Osswell and said, "I am an android. I am programmed with all of Captain Cynthia Jackson's memories and data. It was calculated that nobody on this ship would discover this until after we beamed down on the planet when you talked to the inhabitants. However, the time has been sufficient."



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