Lieutenant JG Aislynn Finnegan

Name Aislynn Marta Finnegan

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Date of Birth June 17 2230
Place of Birth Galway City, Ireland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Right eye green, left eye blue
Physical Description Above average height
Green and blue eyes
A soft light brown tan comes natural
Long and naturally wavy waist length light brown hair with blonde streaks through it that is often messily braided straight down her back
3 small regulation size earrings in the lower lobe of both ears, 2 on both the left and right helix, 1 orbital on her right ear.
3 small lines are tattooed around the orbital section of her left ear, with a four leaf clover tattooed behind her right ear.


Father Dr. Patrick Finnegan (65) - retired surgeon
Mother Shea Finnegan - deceased age 59
Brother(s) Lieutenant Bradley Holland (in-law) (37) - USS Carrington, Medical Officer
Aodhan Finnegan (34) - Civilian researcher
Tristan Kennedy (in-law) (28) - Associate civilian lawyer
Sister(s) Lieutenant Maeve Holland (34) - USS Carrington, Diplomatic Officer
Ensign Keeva Finnegan (29) - USS Firebrand, Transporter Specialist
Erin Kennedy (26) - Civilian teacher

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance None at this stage
Friends Ensign Kael MacTavish

Personality & Traits

General Overview "She's extremely quiet and laid back to the point half the time we don't even realise she's there. But then at other times she can be the life of the party with an exceptionally loveable presence" - Caylisa, best friend

"I've manage to annoy her a few times and I've seen the fiery Irishwoman come out. It was quite funny at the time but not so much afterwards." - Aodhan, brother.

"I don't know anyone else as dedicated to their love of knowledge than Aislynn. She is a remarkable young woman who is going to excel at everything she does in life." - Prof. Samuel Harding, Director of Science department, NUI(G)
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Strengths:
Quick to learn anything science related

Quiet yet extremely observant

Emotions can get the best of her sometimes
She has a massive sweet tooth

She will often avert her gaze when talking to other people not out of disrespect but more as a behavioral issue.
Ambitions Professional:
- To become the Chief Science Officer on board a Starfleet vessel

- To finish her PhD at university so she can be known as Doctor Aislynn Finnegan
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Work related:
(I) Lab work
(I) Researching new information
(H) Keeping fit

Non-work related:
(H) Dancing - Aislin doesn't get to do it much these days
(I) Theater - stage shows mostly
(H) Reading
Languages Known Federation Standard, Irish, conversational Spanish

Personal History Born
- June 17th 2230 to parents Shea and Patrick, and older brother and sister Aodhan and Maeve, in Galway City, Ireland

2235-2247 (Ages 5-17)
- Attended Dominican College Taylor's Hill in Galway
- Finished with her college diploma, having excelled in most areas of science, mathematics and theater

2248 (Age 18)
- Attended National University of Ireland (Galway)
- Course: Bachelor of Science
- Majored in Physics
- Minored in Mathematics
- Joined various teams and programs

2253 (Age 23)
- Graduated university with a Masters Degree in Science (Physics)
- Received high marks for her exams and ranked in the top 10% of the year

2254 (Age 24)
- Moved to London with some friends from university and started working in the R&D department of a major company.
- Aislynn returned home not six months later to be with her family because her mother passed away suddenly during the night
- Shortly after while at home, Aislynn decided to take on a new adventure: Starfleet. They were recruiting, and it would be the most exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the world of science. She applied immediately and begun preparation for it
Education Record Attended National University of Ireland (Galway)
- Course: Bachelor of Science
- Majored in Physics
- Minored in Mathematics
- Joined various teams and programs
Service Record 2255 (Age 25)
- Started preparing for the Academy
- Began studying at the Starfleet Academy

First Year (2255):
A- overall grade

Second Year (2256):
B overall grade

Third Year (2257):
A+ overall grade

Fourth Year (2258)
A+ overall grade
Passed all exams in all courses

2259 (Age 29)
Mission: Cadet cruise
Assignment: USS Rheus
Rank: Ensign
Position: Science Officer

2260 (Age 30)
Transfer application submitted
Inbound location: Deep Space Twelve
Rank: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
Position: Science Officer

2261 (Age 31) (Present)
Transfer application submitted and accepted
Inbound location: USS Legact
Rank Lieutenant JG
Position: Chief Science Officer