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What Happens at Vulcan.... (Part 3)

Posted on Mon Nov 30th, 2020 @ 12:58am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Arev

Mission: Mission 3 - Coming Full Circle
Location: Vulcan/Legacy
Timeline: 2261. 231 at 1300


On the Bridge Adama looked around, at all the unfamiliar faces that suddenly appeared. He guessed that this was an effect of the black hole. He went over to Xenia. "This must be an effect of the black hole. Are you okay?"

Xenia looked at Adama with a brow raised. "I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" She hadn't shown any sign of being in distress, since she wasn't, so she wasn't sure what prompted the undue concern.

Lee looked at Xenia. "Don't you understand, all these people aren't real, they're here because of the black hole."

Ben Chiles looked at Lee and said, "I am most definitely real."

Xenia simply smiled and pointed her thumb at Ben with a nod. "He is."


"Captain", A'rev said. "I must leave the bridge to go to the lab. I have a theory on how to fix this, but what I need is there."

A'rev didn't wait for a reply and headed for the turbolift.

Cindy thought that this was odd behavior for her Chief Science Officer but given that he had an idea and she had nothing in particular, she was not going to step in his way. "Please give me updates when you have something. In the meantime, I think we are all going to try and manage this situation as best as we can."

Alistair replied, "Like hell he's going into my Science Lab without me!" and he followed A'rev.

A'rev entered the turbolift and said, "Science Lab One."

Just before the turbolift left Alistair slid in.

A'rev looked at Alistair briefly. "I know you think you can help with this, but you are are a little out of your time."

The turbolift shimmied some as it moved along. He sighed and looked at Alistair.

"What I am about to try is highly theoretical based on some information that I have", A'rev said. "It is hard to explain. I don't mean to imply that I am questioning your general competence."

The door slid open and A'rev strode forward towards the lab.

Alistar, defiantly asked, "How would you have information that I don't?"

"There could be many reasons for that", A'rev replied. "All of them are irrelevant at this moment."

He sat down and started doing calculations on the computer.

"I need a matter/anti-matter test pod", A'rev said. "Please get it for me and charge it with two parts anti-matter and one and a half parts matter."

He then returned to his calculations.

"You're not in charge of me. I'll do my own research," Alistair told A'rev defiantly.

Neza soon came down and asked, "Is there something that I could do to help? I don't think that manning the science station on the bridge is really going to help."

A'rev scowled at Alistar, he said, ""I need a matter/anti-matter test pod. Please charge it with two parts anti-matter and one and a half parts matter."

Alistair's eyes raised when he saw A'rev scowl. "You're not a Vulcan! You're a Romulan! An imposter! I'm going to alert the Captain at once." He rushed to a comm panel and promptly fell.

Neza had a hypospray in her hand and had injected it into him. "I always wanted to do that," she informed A'rev. "I hope he's not right and that you're really helping us. I'll keep your secret if that's the case." She gave A'rev a shy smile and started preparing the test pod.

With that, A'rev returned to his calculations on the strength of the magnetic field he would need to prevent the matter and anti-matter from colliding until the right moment. This would be tricky as he was still only going on theory.

"Pod is prepared," Neza reported. "Two parts anti-matter, one and half matter. What do you have in mind?" she wondered aloud.

"We inject ten isotopes of Americium-242", into the mix", A'rev said. "Then we place it in a torpedo and then detonate the torpedo into the center of the disruption."

Neza asked, "Do you think that will put us all in our proper places?"

A'rev almost said, 'Either that or it will return our particles to the elements.' Instead he simply said, "Yes."

He tapped the comm. button.

"Lieutenant A'rev to the bridge."

Cindy responded, =^= Go ahead, Lieuenant Arev. =^=

"I have a payload that needs to be launched into the anomaly", Arev replied. "A photon torpedo, without it's warhead should be sufficient."

"Get it to the torpedo bay, now, Arev. When you have it ready for launch, let me know!"


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