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Girls' Night Out

Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 12:31am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Station
Timeline: 2261. 240 at 1700

Xenia crossed the Bridge with a purpose. The broad room was only at half its capacity since most were taking advantage of the shore leave on the station. Something she was looking to do herself. It started with her destination, not her usual console, but the Captain's Ready Room. As soon as she came to a halt in front of it she heard the chime on the other side of the door.

In her normal, perky voice, Cindy replied, "Come in!"

She stepped inside. "Captain, do you have some time?"

"Of course, Xenia! Come on in, take off a load, and tell me what is on your mind. And for God's sake, please call me Cindy!"

Xenia grinned. "Sorry, can't bring myself to do that, especially here or on the Bridge. Anyways, we've been out here a while, I thought you might like to go find a spa or something...?"

Remembering the massages that she had from the other dimensional Jane, Cindy replied, "I would, especially if it will help you call me Cindy. Do you have a place in mind?"

The brunette shrugged, "There are a couple places on the station. I'll find out which one gets the most praise by the time you're done here. Just name the time you want to meet at the transporter room."

"I don't have much going on right now. Just name a time and place and I'll be there!" Cindy was very excited. A crew member actually finally asked her to do something socially.

"How does a half hour sound?"

"Sounds great!" Cindy enthused. "What should I wear?" the Captain asked curiously.

Xenia thought for a moment then shrugged. "Not sure since we have choices, but thinking fun and down to earth...?" She waited for Cindy's consent before going to make arrangements.

"Works for me," Cindy replied happily. "Frankly, I have much more informal clothing than formal." She shrugged. "Part and parcel of that whole "Tom boy, athletic girl thing. Besides, I'm already so tall that heels make guys feel self conscious."

Xenia nodded. "Casual it is then. I'll meet you in a half hour at your quarters."

With that she turned and left, going back to her own room. She found some comfortable pants and a loose top. Her hair went in a messy bun just before she began to look at the station directory. It only took a few minutes to find the place that sounded like what they needed. She made appointments for the both of them, then left for the Captain's quarters. They would have a very relaxing time on their shore leave.

Cindy decided to dress in black yoga pants and a form fitting blue pastel t-shirt. Men would turn their heads when she walked by but Cindy probably would not notice. When Xenia rang the Captain's chime, she popped out. "All ready for some R&R?" she asked Xenia.

"So very ready," she responded with an exasperated sigh. "I don't know about you, but I need this so bad." The events of the last few days, both on duty and off, had built up more than she realized, and she was happy to have a stranger work out her knots, and maybe get some girl time in.

"Between having more crew members than I knew what to do with on Legacy and apparently more than one which I apparently had some sort of relationship with and having been subjected to Orion pheromones, yes, I'd say that I'm ready...." Cindy replied nearly exhausted from that long sentence. "So, lead on, Miss Xenia."

It was a bit awkward leading the Captain, but for the moment, they could at least walk side-by-side to the transporter toom, as that far wasn't a mystery. "I think Transporter Room 2 is the one they're leaving operational for now." They arrived on the lift and gave the appropriate deck number. After a moment, Xenia turned to Cindy. "So, tell me about Ben Chiles. We...met, but obviously didn't have time to chat much."

"Ben...." Cindy's voice had a far away but pleasant tone to it. "It really is a shame that I didn't get to share this dimension with him. Frankly, the only thing wrong with him was that he was shorter than me. He had a great sense of humor and stored candy for himself and me underneath the console. I swear his entire purpose in life was to try and get my weight out of sorts. Though, he did love sports like me. As far as I can remember, we never got to consummate the flirtations but I definitely would have liked to take him for a spin."

Xenia grinned knowingly as the lift opened just outside the Transporter Room. Even given the short time she'd talked with her counterpart, she couldn't argue with Cindy's opinion. "I can see why." They stepped into the transporter room, which seemed to be waiting for them. "Two to beam over to the station, Promenade West, please." When the operator nodded they alighted onto the dais. A few moments later they were surrounded by different walls, and greeted by a stranger, welcoming them to the station. When they exited onto the civilian shopping and entertainment district, Xenia picked up where she left off. "So, let me get this straight, they were all crewmen from your past, or were you somehow able to key into your counterpart in those other dimensions?"

"I don't know if I am entirely sure. Apparently I didn't change at all from dimension to dimension, as far as I can tell. Either that, or somehow I am constant. I think that's what A'rev theorized."

"Huh," the other woman answered, considering the possibility. "Guess I'm only left wondering what my alternate self was doing..."she grinned.

"Luke?" Cindy offered with a knowing giggle.

For a moment, Xenia was taken aback. She knew there was talk, but that the Captain knew was unexpected. Still, the blonde wasn't admonishing her, so she cast any worry aside, and grinned herself. "It's not a bad way to spend one's time," she answered with a wink.

Cindy had to admit that Luke had been fulfilling, despite the fact that their encounter had been Orion pheromone induced. If he was not so short, perhaps there might be something more between them. Cindy shook that off. No, it was unlikely. He was still too in awe of her as a Captain and not as a person. "I'm glad to hear that. I would hate to see my crew and friends not doing well. So, do I demote him if he displeases you?" she offered with a giggle.

Xenia smiled a satisfactory smile as she continued to walk to their destination. "I don't see that happening anytime soon, but if it's necessary, I'll let you know." She glanced over at Cindy before stepping into the spa.

Cindy followed Xenia, this territory being somewhat foreign for her. "So where do we go and what do we do first" The Captain seemed to have a great deal of energy and nowhere to expend it.

Xenia chuckled as they approached the reception area. "We have appointments for massages, please," she said to the Bolian sitting at the check-in. "I was told Francisco and Retiem were our masseuses." She turned back to Cindy. "I have been assured they're very good," she reported with a raised brow.

Cindy raised her eyebrows in response. "Well, we shall see about that, shan't we?"

The Bolian nodded, referring to his schedule. "Of course, Ma'am. They'll be here momentarily." Only a moment passed before the doors opened and two well-built men emerged. One tan-skinned Human, and the other a Trill. "Ladies," the Bolian continued, "These gentlemen will show you to your tables."

Xenia cast a glance at Cindy, flashing a grin. "You have a preference?"

Cindy looked them both and said, "Hm. I'll take Spots."

"Brilliant," the Brunette replied, already walking toward Francisco and taking his outstretched hand. "I'll see you when we're done," she called back to Cindy.


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