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I'm the Assistant Chief of Security

Posted on Tue May 26th, 2020 @ 8:49am by Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Captain Cynthia Jackson

Mission: Mission 3 - Coming Full Circle
Location: Osswell's Quarters
Timeline: 2261. 230 at 2000

A man with tousled brown hair appeared by Luke's door. His green eyes were deep and intense. After a few moments, he decided to ring the chime.

Luke was back on his usual spot on the couch, bottle of a cold white beer, Hoegaarden to be exact, for those who like such details. Luke wasn't well versed in the realm of beers, but he could appreciate this Belgian one, at least. He was watching Covid-19, an old movie from 2025 in which some dude called the Rock played a doctor trying to find a cure against the Corona-virus, but then terrorists kidnapped his wife so the movie kind of changed into a caricature of Dr. McNinja. It was a pretty goofy movie, but that made it the best thing after having been cured from a ship-wide horniness-inducing pheromone. Then the chime rang, so Luke paused the movie, and went to open the door.

In an English accent, he addressed Luke, "Excuse me, mate. I was looking at this PADD here and you have listed yourself as the Assistant Chief of Security. I know that you probably think this was some sort of lark, but I really need you to release the security codes back to me. I would hate to have to report you for your insubordination."

Alright, so Luke wasn't drunk, but he wasn't completely sober either. So forgive him if he just stood there at the door, staring that the British man, uncomprehending. "Sorry....what? And who are you again?"

"Mate, I am not finding this amusing at all. However, as you appear to be somewhat intoxicated, I will humor you. I am the Assistant Chief of Security, Grayson Hawk. Release the codes or I will be taking you to the brig and you can explain yourself to the Chief of Security, Ms. Korr and a military tribunal."

Luke blinked. "Grayson Hawk? Ms. Korr?" He said, uncomprehending at first, but Luke's instincts were working quickly to detox his mind and enter into their more alert 'Starfleet Security Officer mode' after hearing the words 'brig' and 'military tribunal'. He looked at the officer, a superior officer actually, the guy being a Lieutenant, judging by his uniform. Adjusting his posture to a more authoritative one. "That's quite a threat, Sir, if you really are a Lieutenant. I say you're pulling my leg, did Captain Cindy put you up to this?"

"Furthering this facade is not doing you justice. Perhaps I should be taking you to sickbay for a full mental and physical evaluation." His posture adjusted to one like a man who was about to make a decision regarding Luke's future.

Luke's posture adjusted with him. "Listen, buddy, I don't know what game you are playing, but one more move from you and I'll smack your face into the wall so hard you won't have to look out the viewport to see stars. Now, as for Lieutenant Kor, she has left the Legacy a long time ago, Lt. Cmdr. Charlotte Hudson now runs the Security Department. You can check right on that PADD down there. Same goes for the guy you claim to be."

"That's simply not true! You and I are heading to medical. Right now. We're going to find out which one of us is playing games."

Luke remained standing where in de door frame. Not shifting his eyes from the imposter in front of him, he said: "Computer, who are the current senior Security staff?"

"Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Hudson and Assistant Security Chief Lieutenant JG Luke Osswell."

Raising an eyebrow in a way that could not easily be explained as anything else but smug, Luke waited for how the man bothering him would respond.

The man said, "Cute trick. Computer, who is the Chief of Security and Assistant Chief of Security?"

The computer responded, "The Chief of Security is Lieutenant Azelya Korr. The Assistant Chief of Security is Lieutenant Grayson Hawk." He grinned at Luke and replied, "So, off to medical now...."

Luke's smug smile faded. That wasn't right. While this 'Grayson' dude thought the matter closed, Luke held out his hand indicating he hadn't conceded defeat yet. Something weird was going on here, and he started to think less and less that this was a game. With his authority undermined, Luke's mind raced to figure out ways how to deal with the person standing in front of him, without letting the situation get out of hand. He had no weapons, and the guy seemed quite able to handle himself in a fist fight, should Luke decide to detain him. He could go to Medical with 'Grayson', but he very much was against letting him gain access to such a high level area of the ship. Better to keep him here in the crew quarters corridor. He considered calling Commander Hudson, but the computer had just proven to be unreliable, so how to know if it was the real Hudson that was responding? He made his decision.
"Alright, I'll go with you to Medical. But I'm keeping my eye on you. No funny business now."

Grayson laughed at that. "That's my line. But I'll play your game." Regardless, Grayson left Luke's quarters and took a quick glance back at Luke to make sure that he was following him. "Think that you can keep up?"

Luke did not laugh in return, whatever was happening, it wasn't good. He followed his so-called counterpart, curious as to why he so easily let him walk behind him. Perhaps he didn't see Luke as a potential threat. Luke didn't really know how he should feel about that, somewhere in the back of his brain his ego was offended though. The corridors were empty. He had hoped to bump into crew members along the way from whom he could get more information, and who could confirm his official status on the ship to 'Grayson'... But as far the corridors were concerned, the ship appeared deserted.

Worse, the moment that Grayson turned the corner and Luke came around to where he should be, Grayson was gone. Worse yet, there was no place for Grayson to have gone barring a transport off the ship.

Luke cursed as the alleged Grayson disappeared behind a corner, determined as he had been not to lose sight of the man. Luke doubly cursed as the guy had seemingly disappeared without a trace. "Computer," Luke started, "locate Lt. Grayson", he stated.

"There is no Lt. Grayson on the Legacy", the computer replied. I knew it! was Luke's first triumphant thought. Still, he turned a fast 180 degrees and speed walked back to quarters. While on the way, he contacted Commander Hudson: "Osswell here, something strange is happening..." He summarised his encounter quickly as he changed back into his uniform in his quarters, ready to get to the bottom of this.


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