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Attempt at Taking the Bridge

Posted on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 5:07pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Hudson & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Legacy Bridge
Timeline: 2261. 228 at 0700

Jellaa had to admire Luke. He was a truly obedient slave. He took orders so well. So well, in fact, she knew that her master would reward her and her new favorite slave. She considered her position and Luke. Perhaps her master would allow her to take this pet for a mate and have some children by him. He was rather adorable. However, the business at hand was taking over Legacy.

She knew that humans were so easy to sway. For whatever reason, they were highly susceptible to Orion pheremones. The true genius of her master was altering all of the women on the planet such that their glands would secrete pheromones that also affected women. While she generally did not prefer female playthings, they were mostly what was available on the planet her master created.

She directed Luke to step onto the bridge and clear it while she hid on the side of the turbolift. After all, she did not want to create an instant alarm and perhaps, if she was terribly lucky, some of her pheromones would carry so that Luke and her work would be minimal.

The turbolift's doors opened for Luke....

Jella was the most beautiful woman Luke had ever laid eyes on, and so incredibly sexy making him desire her in every way possible. He could not bear leaving her side, could not fathom a single moment without her touch. But when she asked him to help her clear the Bridge, Luke all to happily agreed. Jella wanted something of him, and Luke would make sure Jella would get whatever she pleased....

He walked out on the Bridge, still revelling in the lingering scent of his lover that seemed to cling on to him. The first one to look at him was Captain Cindy. Her charms did nothing to him know, nor did her dashing looks or her ample breasts. Not even her tall as hell legs. Jella was all that was ever needed to him. He gave her a quick nod of acknowledgement as he made his way to the Security Station and began calculating a site-to-site transport of everyone on the Bridge to the Brig. It was only then that he noticed Xenia, her big brown eyes boring deep down into his soul, and for the slightest instant, he hesitated. I am betraying her, I am betraying everyone... A tiny voice screaming in the back of his head, as his hands continued to prepare for the transport...

Neza glanced over her as she heard the door open. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Luke as he walked in. She wasn't sure if he'd been inoculated yet, and didn't like what he was doing. "Um, Captain?" She nodded to Luke, and how he was acting.

Xenia had heard the door open, and she turned to see who it was. She'd watched Luke walk directly to Security as he looked first at the Captain, then at her. She noticed the look in his eyes change, and she cocked a brow, wondering if he was okay.

Cindy looked back at Luke and wondered why everyone else was staring at him. Could they find him as attractive as she did? Her heart panted a little faster as she let her eyes linger on him a little too long. But something was not right. Why was he back? After all, he went to clear out Legacy from the Orions. “Luke, what are you doing back? Is the ship secure? Have you seen Jane or Bec?”

While tapping buttons, the little voice screaming in the back did its best to be heard over the din that was his yearning for Jella's touch. Captain Cindy's questions were distracting him, giving power to that tiny voice. Again, little pearls of sweat appeared on his forehead, despite of the perfectly air-conditioned temperature the Bridge was held in. "Captain, don't distract me... What I'm doing is very important." He looked up at her. "You'll all be safe soon..." is what he said, yet in his eyes one found a cry for help."

Catching the look from Luke, Neza bit her lip. "Captain, do you want me to..." She nodded to her console, wondering if she wanted her to lock Luke out of the systems.

"Now, Neza!" Cindy exclaimed, as she hit her comm in her chair, =^=Jane, Bec, report to the bridge immediately. We're compromised.=^=

"On my way," Jane signaled. She told her companion to report to her station. She was well enough to walk to the turbolift. Along the way she picked up a medkit from a wall-mounted emergency panel and gave herself a painkiller as she walked.

Having tossed another Orion in the brig, Bec cursed when she was called to the bridge. She didn't respond. If they were compromised, she knew she had to get there fast. Feet already moving, Bec called out to one of the inoculated security staff and told him to keep an eye on their new prisoner. Before she could respond, Bec was out the door and halfway down the corridor.

A few moments later, she stepped out of the turbolift on the deck 2, having found that she could not get to the bridge directly. More swear words escaped as she moved to the jeffries tube access. Hoping that Jane had those phaser rifles modified and was bringing them with her.

Xenia had caught the strange look in his eyes, and knew something was going on, though she didn't know what. When the Captain signaled Neza, she locked out access to her own console from anywhere else, and input her security code.

Jella popped out of the turbolift after locking it in place and shooting a phaser to destroy the controls. She pointed it at Cindy and said, "What a shame! I really had hoped this would be much more peaceful. I rather abhor violence. Now, you will turn over the ship to me." She moved casually and somehow sensually towards the communications officer, hoping that her pheromones would enlist another helper. "Luke, my pet, would you kindly take care of your Captain and anyone else that resists?"

Quickly disabling the console Luke was working on, and any other he might try to use, Neza reached for a phaser and aimed it at the Orion on the bridge. "You're trying to take over our ship, why would it be peaceful? Sending Vivyra to do your dirty work ahead of you?"

The Orion woman laughed at Neza. "Vivyra? That naive girl? How precious! We let her go! We wanted to see how someone as naive and innocent as her would effect a ship. We knew that she would want to 'rescue' everyone here. And, so she has, unbeknownst to her, delivered our first prize. We have much to learn from her, even if she does not know it."

Neza swore under her breath, but didn't say anything. Her eyes stayed on the Orion woman as she kept the phaser on her and eyes bounced between she and Luke.

The moment Luke was logged out of his console a confusing wave of irritation mixed with a smidgeon of relief washed over him. In response to that and Jella's command, he reached out for his own phaser and aimed it at Captain Cindy. "Back away Captain.... I don't want to shoot you, but I... I will!" he stammered, that voice inside him screaming ever louder. It was however, when Neza pulled her own and started aiming it at Jella Luke's instincts kicked in, and in one quick movement aimed and fired a shot at Neza, neutralising the immediate threat posed to the object of his every want and desire. The shot blew the phaser apart in Neza's hand, what it did to her hand itself was something only Neza would know at that instant... It was only a moment later his brain registered what he had done, again with the confusing mix of pride and a whiff of horror at what he had done.

Cindy raised up her hands the moment that she saw that Luke shot Neza. In a soothing and worried voice Cindy replied, "You need to fight this, Luke. Think about all we have done together. Think about what we've shared. Is this who you really are? You love this ship.... Maybe some people on this ship...." Her eyes turned to a pleading green and hinted at what they shared. "Don't do this, Luke."

Snapping her hand back against herself, Neza felt immense pain before her hand went completely numb. The exploding phaser left pieces in her hand but she couldn't feel them. More than a few select swear words escaped her lips and her eyes snapped shut. Even though her hand was numb, that didn't mean she wasn't feeling the lingering pain from the initial phaser explosion.

Xenia gasped when Luke shot Neza. She couldn't tell exactly what injuries the Science officer had sustained, but she knew it couldn't be good. Blood was already slowly spreading down the uniform shirt she held it against. The Brit slowly moved toward the nearest medkit stored at the side of the Bridge. She wasn't a doctor at all, but she could try to help at least get rid of some of the pain. She hoped the Captain could keep Luke and the Orion preoccupied while she maneuvered into position. But she took note of Cindy's words. All they'd done? What they'd shared? She looked to Luke to determine how she should take that, but he was only staring at the Blonde in the middle of the room. Perhaps that was her answer.

Xenia snapped out of, returning to her previous mission. Neza needed her hand tended to. She sidestepped until she had her hands on the medkit and grabbed it off its perch.

He stood there, watching his Captain straight in her eyes, phaser in hand, his finger squeezing ever so gently on the fire button, a little more applied pressure and she would be no more. He knew it, she knew it... In that moment, with her so close and looking down into his inner soul, Luke realised once again how stunningly beautiful his Captain was. But he felt Xenia's gaze, too, just for a little bit, bearing down on him, judging him, sending Luke's mind through a rollercoaster of emotions. As she went to aid Lt. Glenn, his eyes quickly darted over to her, marking the movements of her hands and fingers, gently treating her crewmate. Even though that lasted only a split second, he realised too late he had let his guard down...

Neza shook her head at Xenia. "No," she whispered, nodding over to Luke. "I..can deal with the pain."

The moment that Luke's eyes shifted off of Cindy and onto Neza, Cindy's athletic reflexes sprang into action. She darted towards Luke with all the thrust and power of a cannonball. Just as Jella realized what was happening, she cried out, "Luke!" However, it was too late. Cindy's height was greater than Luke's and her weight was comparable. At a dash, Luke was no match as his body slammed into the console behind him, his phaser arm slamming behind him, and an errant shot putting a hole in Legacy's ceiling.

It was at this very moment that Cindy wondered why she had been so head over heels in lust for Luke. She had never found smaller guys attractive, let alone a guy that weighed less than her. With a gasp, she knew that she had been affected by Vivyra, and she started to turn pink while she wrested the phaser from Luke's hand.

Catching what Cindy was doing, Neza only wished she could help. The only thing she could do was look back to Xenia. "Get the Orion."

Luke was locked in a battle of minds between Jella's will and his own, and despite Jella's being the far superior force, edged on by the high dosage of her pheromones that had invaded every fibre of his system, Luke's own mental sorties to break free, in lieu of breaking Jella's control, did gain small victories in causing minute alterations, hesitation and delay in many of his actions. That is what caused him to not enter the Bridge guns blazing in the first place, aiming at Neza's phaser instead of her head, and his delayed response to Captain Cindy's tackle. But would this clear him of feeling guilty further on in this story? Highly unlikely... For now though, the brunt of his impact with the console shook his brain to a point of it almost blacking out, and perhaps that was the last of small victories, when he kept himself from fighting the looming black out, removing himself, the unstable element, from the equation. In the vivid dreams that followed after he had lost consciousness, he found himself interlocked with Jella, feeling her skin pressed tightly against his, his hands slowly strangling her to a painful choking death, under the watchful eye of Captain Cindy, Neza and Xenia, sitting naked on high chairs up on a dais, their faces erupting in orgasmic eruptions of pleasure as Jella's life left her, and Luke was finally free...

As the brawl took place, Xenia used the moment to take the medkit and dash to Neza's side. In some sense, she understood the Lieutenant's protest, but the helmsman couldn't oblige. "I have nothing to get the Orion with," she explained as she opened the unit, searching the contents for what she could use. "And you need this." After a bit of rummaging around, she took out a hypo, and read the contents. "Though, you may wish I had paid better attention in Basic Rescue." She grinned, half joking, half...not. Metorapan sounded like one of the pain meds she'd learned about. She hurried and pressed it to Neza's neck, watching to see what her reaction was.

Feeling the hypo against her neck, Neza couldn't remember any of the pain medications. But whatever it was helped a little, but her hand was still numb by this point. The pain was through her arm, and though it lessened a bit, it wasn't enough. "Throw something at her?" Was all she could think to tell Xenia, though still only half realized what Cindy did to Luke.

It was then that the jefferies tube hatch opened quietly. Before anyone could react, a canister was fired through the opening and hit one of the consoles. Within seconds a hissing sound erupted from the can and a vapor of gas began to pour out. As this one did its thing, another canister was fired onto the bridge. As it began to release its contents, Bec emerged from the hatch quickly. She brought herself up to her full height, which granted wasn't much, and leveled her phaser rifle at the Orion. "Are you going to stand down now, or do I have to shoot you?"

The air of the bridge was smothered with the anti-toxin to the Orions pheromones. Jella had been making herself quite comfortable on the communications officer. But when the gas hit, she started to itch uncontrollably. "What is this?" she demanded in a scream. Her voice, which had previously sounded sultry and desirable, now changed into something more hoarse. She clutched her throat as she asked, "What have you done?"

Spotting Bec, Neza gave a small smile. "That's one way to do it I guess. Gas and a phaser rifle."

Cindy coughed from the gas and then smiled at Bec. "Better late than never." She then looked down at the unconscious Luke and said, "Jane, can you fix Luke up, here? I'm afraid that I had to manhandle him, a bit."

Xenia hadn't gotten the chance to say what she was thinking before the bridge filled up with smoke. If she threw anything, it would have been the Science Officer. Xenia probably would have protested to the attention herself at first, but she knew once care was started, it would be seen through until what was needed was done for her. Neza's insistence that she get into a fight she wasn't prepared for irked her. "Ms. Glenn will also need some attention," she said dryly to the CMO.

"Bec, have someone take that Orion into custody. And do me a favor, please, Xenia and Bec? Fire at both of those Orion ships' weapon systems. I'd rather them disabled before we speak in a moment." She smiled sweetly at the two. "Thank you," she finished in a very chipper voice. Cindy's brown eyes were turning green as she spoke.

Glancing up to Xenia, who had let them know that she'd need attention, Neza gave a small but weak smile. "Thanks," she said softly.

Xenia nodded at Neza with her own smile before standing and addressing her orders. "Aye, Sir." She took her seat.

"The rest of my team's a bit busy, I'll take her into custody," Bec said to Cindy, clapping wrist shackles on the Orion. She secured the woman to the hull of the bridge next to the lift and moved to the tactical console. "Xenia, I have the targeting systems aimed at the weapons, if you'd do the honours of firing the guns while I take this one to the brig?"

"I absolutely will," the helmsman responded before keying up her console and firing both shots.


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