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Encounter with Another Orion

Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 2:39pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Luke Osswell

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: A Legacy Corridor
Timeline: 2261. 228 at 0620

The turbolift sped to its destination. Luke's head was spinning, his thoughts going all over the place. The ship was being boarded, he had to protect it, protect the crew, protect her! He paced around the lift's interior, for as far the cramped space allowed him to. He had to remain focused, keep a clear head. With a fist he hit the wall in a sudden burst of anger. The hit left the wall stained bloody, though he didn't notice, so pumped up with adrenaline he was, now further amplified with Vivyra's pheromones, or whatever it was that had made him so on edge the last couple of days.

The turbolift doors opened. Immediately another security officer handed him a phaser rifle and pointed into the direction to where the intruders had gone. "Evacuate all non-Security personnel from this deck immediately", Luke ordered. Flanked by his two Security officers, he started to move towards the Orion intruder.

A lanky, tall Orion woman with come hither eyes blinked her eyes innocently at Luke. Unphased by the rifle pointing at her, she blew a small kiss at Luke and asked, "This cannot be for me, now can it? Certainly, you must be trying to protect me from something awful."

Luke stopped. This was actually the first time he was eye to eye with one of the Orions, since he had been avoiding Vivyra as if his life depended on it (which it might well do, now that they had more information). He grabbed his phaser tight and aimed it at the Orion. It took all of his will to do so, something within him pulled at him to just drop everything and let himself fall into the woman's embrace. "On the floor, now..." Luke said, with just a hint of a shake in his voice. "Keep your hands where I.... where I can see them!" A drop of sweat rolled down his temple as he struggled to stay in control.

"You want me on the floor?" the Orion purred. "Oh, I do like it when a man takes control...." She let her voice trail unnecessarily long on the last word, "control." She smiled as she lazily stretched and started to lower herself, her strings of clothing hinting at what little they covered. "Tell me," she purred, "how would you like me to be on the floor? There are so many choices." She crooked a finger and brought it towards herself in a come hither motion. "Why don't you show me?"

The sound of a phaser dropping to the floor, and then another, made him turn his head. The two officers flanking him were in an inner embrace with the second female Orion intruder, and what started as heavy petting quickly evolved into shameless bi-curious behaviour. Clearly the two security officers had not had their inoculation either... Luke wasn't even aware their was one, at that. He turned back to the Orion lying on the floor. It would be so easy just to throw himself on her, but he knew that once he did that he would be lost completely. He saw no other option but to fire his phaser-rifle and stun her right here right now, something he should have done the moment he saw her, he realised. His finger started to squeeze the trigger, but then he felt delicate hands all over him, touching him in sensitive places, a tongue sliding down his ear and neck. All resistance left him then, and letting the phaser rifle slip from his grasp, he let himself fall back into the other Orion's arms. In a blur he saw the two officers unconscious on the floor in a heap. "Need to ...warn...the..captain.." he muttered.

"Oh, honey," the new Orion whispered in a husky voice, "that won't be necessary. We will personally be making a visit to her soon enough." She nibbled on Luke's neck and whispered. "You could help, if you wanted."

A desire the likes of which he never felt before overwhelmed him and there was nothing for him to do but let out a low croaky moan as she continued to play with his neck and ears. He felt her bosom poking soft but firm against his back, all these sensations building up inside him until he couldn't hold on anymore and felt the sweet joy of release and total relaxation. His strength had gone, his legs had gone all wobbly and his trousers sticky and wet. He wanted to say "Yes, yes! Anything you say!" but also his voice had left him, all he could manage was a simple, almost desperate nod of approval...

The Orion smiled mischievously. "Well, well. I have uses for you, my pet." She stroked Luke's cheek and then his head. She pulled him in close so he could get a good whiff of her scent. "Come along, my pet. Let us see what access you can give me to this ship. After all, we want this to be our love boat, no?"


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