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A More Personal Welcome

Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Luke Osswell & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Osswell's Quarters
Timeline: 2261. 226 at 2359

Xenia stepped into the corridor, a satisfied smile on her face after wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. It was late now, but she wasn't tired. Not by a long shot. But she did remember the new crew member she met just as he was arriving on board. Perhaps she should welcome him properly. He was rather dishy.

The next lift took her to the deck his quarters were on. And despite three glasses of bourbon, she remembered exactly where his room was. She leaned against the door frame then pressed the chime.

Luke was chilling on the couch watching a movie. Or at least, he was trying to chill. The past couple of days he had felt more and more like a hormone-enraged 15 year old. He couldn't quite focus on anything, let alone if there was a woman in the room. He figured it must be that Orion woman everyone was so concerned about. However, instead of going to the doctor again to see if anything could be done about it, he was stubborn and had decided that he could handle this by simply avoiding people as much as possible until they had taken Vivyra back to her homeworld soon.

He finished his 4th bottle of beer and was just reaching out for a fifth (because he figured that if he was too drunk to stand he would be less inclined to go out there and make a fool out of himself), when the chime rang. Luke swayed his head drunkenly to his door and wondered who it might be at this hour. Perhaps it was some emergency! As best as he could Luke got up, but he got up too quickly and fell back down on to the couch. "Coming!" He blurted. "Just a sec!".

The second attempt at getting up proved more successful and he waltzed over to the door and opened it. It was the lovely and just as intoxicated Lt. Xenia Windsor. "Oh, Lt. Windsor... what a pleasant....", he swallowed down some air, "....suprise." His beer still in hand he tried to lean casually against the doorpost like they did in the movies, though anyone who looked at him would probably have other ideas about that. "What can I do for you?"

Before he was finished with his question, she was already pushing him back inside his room. Once the door closed behind them, she pushed him away in order to look him up and down. A frown formed on her face. "Do you always look like such a mess?" It wasn't a judgmental question as much as just an inquiry to get the facts. It certainly looked like he had no plans to leave his quarters for the evening.

Luke let himself be pushed back into the room, although he was not quite sure why she was pushing him all of a sudden. Though Luke did now realise the flaw in his earlier plan of keeping himself confined to his quarters. He'd only thought of staying away from people, more specifically women, he'd never considered a course of action for if people, more specifically women, would burst into his quarters instead. As he was considering this, her question to him finally registered. Indeed, he must look like a mess, but then again, of course he did. "Yes, well, if I had known you'd be stopping by, I might have been able to arrange for you to look at something more charming than this tired, drunk and unshaven face," he joked.

"Actually," she said stepping closer again, "I think the unshaven part is charming." She drew her fingers along his jawline to his chin and leaned in close. "I'm rather fond of it."

Luke felt his pace quicken as his heart beat so loud in his chest his ears popped. Still, carefully, he wrapped his arms around her and slowly pulled her in closer. As he closed his eyes, their noses touched, her breath reeked of alcohol yet felt comfortably warm on his skin, and with his own not much different, full of anticipation he whispered: "I must warn you, I've not been myself lately... It' stay in control...". And with that last word their lips touched briefly, lightening fireworks throughout his body.

When Xenia felt his hands on her back, she smiled. She kept her own hands on his chest as he began speaking, agonizingly slow in getting to the part she'd been waiting for. He finally pressed his lips to hers, but only for a moment. He had to be teasing her, right? She slid her hands up over his shoulders and behind his neck. "Then let go," she whispered before pulling him back for a longer, deeper kiss.

His grip around her delicate body tightened as he lifted her up without effort, allowing her arms and legs to swing around him in a passionate embrace. His arms slit under her shirt and while he held her tightly, he moved back to the edge of the couch and sat himself down on the backrest. With locked lips and entwined tongues Luke forgot everything around him, Xenia was his universe to explore. In any other circumstance he would have shown a lot more restraint, ever mindful, ever careful not to accidentally go to far. But tonight he was free of such constraints and Luke lost himself within her completely. He let the artificial gravity slip them down unto the pillows of the couch. Lying on his back he unlocked his lips from hers and relaxed his grip around her body, giving her an opportunity to take control if she wanted to.

"By the gods," Luke thought as he looked up at her, "her beauty has bewitched my gaze!"

Xenia's body heated up for the second time tonight. His hands under her shirt set her skin on fire. When he settled on the couch, she found herself straddling his lap until he fell backwards with her in tow. She squealed a bit, hoping she wasn't going to land on him wrong, but their landing was well cushioned, and the noise turned into a playful laugh. She propped herself up on one elbow to look at him. His grey eyes seemed to take her in as she was doing as well. He was a fine specimen of a man, and she knew this was definitely where she wanted to be. She leaned back in, but this time her mouth found his neck where she kissed and tasted his skin there. Her other hand snaked under his shirt and explored his firm, defined torso. Suddenly she got up on her knees, still on either side of him, with her hair hanging loose around her face, she began to undo the buttons on his shirt.

Feeling the texture of her lips stroking his neck gave him goosebumps all over his body and made him re-tighten his grip on her. Her hands on his torso exhilarated him and enticed him to do the same with her. All the shapes and curves he felt were perfect and made him lose himself even more. Forget about undoing her buttons, grabbing her shirt, he ripped the entire cloth in two with one fell yank and threw it off of her. Their bodies bereft of clothes became entwined and no force in the universe could break them apart. Luke enjoyed every second of it, every moment of every touch, caress and kiss. Time had come to a standstill, the hum and buzz of ship systems had ceased to register long ago. There was only her. Her touch, her gasps, her kiss. Her beauty.

There was only her...


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