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Waking Up

Posted on Wed May 12th, 2021 @ 10:49pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson

Mission: Mission 4 - A Rose By Any Other Name
Location: Somewhere
Timeline: 2261. 257 at 1615

Cindy woke up and looked around. She was not somewhere familiar but she did see that she was in a large, posh quarters, at least as far as she could tell from the curtains the draped the bed. The bed she was on was at least a king sized four poster bed.

Trying to gather herself, and wondering why she was here, she tried to play back her memories, mentally. The last thing that she remembered was a high pitched wailing sound. She, Luke, and Kevin had put their hands over their ears to try and block out the sound to no avail. Cindy's scientific mind whirred. She remembered that some sounds could be so powerful that they could cause unconsciousness and even death. Am I dead?"

No, I cannot be dead. I'm breathing. Of course, maybe that is muscle memory in the afterlife? Cindy had always figured that there had to be some sort of afterlife. After all, all information and energy was preserved, so it made sense that when someone died, there would be something else for that soul.

"Hello," she called out tentatively. Hearing no answer, she pulled open the curtains on her right side and hopped out. While the room was posh, it was decorated in what she could best translate to Native American accoutrements. When she hopped out, she felt the weight of her body as it swayed tenuously. "Well, I doubt I'm dead." She looked herself over more closely and said, "I'm still dressed in my uniform. Seems like an unlikely way to go, let alone being woozy when I get up."

The door to Cindy's room opened inward. Walking in was Dr. Korby. "Ah, my dear Captain, I see that you're awake now. That is very good. You probably will want to have some water. I will bring some soon."

Cindy answered, "That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Korby. I am glad to see that you are up and around. How did you manage it?" she asked curiously. "And where are Luke and Kevin?"

Dr. Korby's hand made a nonchalant swishing motion. "Nothing to worry about there. I have taken care of them. However, I believe it will be some time before you can see them."

"Why is that? The safety of my crew is my first concern."

"I understand that. However, as I am certain you are aware, audible effects like we suffered could do permanent damage. It is best to let them come to you when they are able."

Cindy pursed her lips but was still weary. Something felt wrong but she could not put her finger on it.

The doctor moved over to a wall and got a glass by pressing in a panel and opening it. He pressed another panel and a metal tube appeared. He put the glass under it, appeared to hold it with both of his hands, and water poured into it. He then walked over to Cindy and said, "Here you go, Captain. This should help you."

"Thank you," Cindy replied, taking the water and drinking it eagerly. "So, were we able to fix the ship?"

"Yes, yes," Dr. Korby responded with a reassuring voice. "All is well now. Perhaps you should rest a bit more and then I will take you on a tour. What do you say?"

"That would be wonderful! Thank you!"

"You're welcome," Dr. Korby responded. He turned and exited Cindy's room. With a slight of hand, he maneuvered the now empty needle into a pocket as he left.


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