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Posted on Tue Jan 7th, 2020 @ 6:44am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Vivyra & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM & Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn & Petty Officer, 1st Class T'Kal

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2261. 227 at 2000

It had taken some effort to get Vivyra away from a somehow lovesick Eric Thornton, but they managed to leave him in the Orion's guest quarters. They needed to get the girl clean and dressed, but the nurse had a thought that could only be explored in sickbay. She redirected them there, and got Vivyra into the shower of a vacant semi-private Ward.

She had also programmed the computer to collect any fluid that was washed off of her for onward analysis.

"I apologize for the lack of privacy, Miss Vivyra," the nurse said. "I've closed the door, but I cannot lock it. Lieutenant Glenn and I will ensure no one else comes in."

Vivyra laughed pleasantly. "Neza keeps trying to explain this privacy thing to me. I have to admit that it do not understand the reluctance to be seen. Is not our bodies meant to be seen? Besides, clothing is so stifling and often hot."

Neza sighed as she leaned against a wall. The captain still technically had her off duty, but she didn't care. "It might be normal for Orions, but for humans we normally keep our bodies covered. Showers are one thing, and...doing what you just did with Thornton but with someone we actually another. But just being without clothing otherwise? For some humans it can even make them uncomfortable."

"I am beginning to think that you just don't like pleasure," Vivyra replied with a pretty pout to Neza.

"I never once said that. I do like pleasure!" Neza shook her head, "Just..we need to sort this thing out, Vivyra."

“It is my experience that most humanoid species enjoy the pleasure of sexual contact,” T’Kal agreed with the science officer. “Indeed, my people are no exception. But in most cultures there is a time and a place for it.” She passed a cloth to Vivyra. “Please use this to clean yourself. Anywhere you feel sweaty, or where fluid exchanges between you and Mr. Thornton took place.” The cloth contained a cleaning solution that was gentle on skin but, importantly, would not break down any of the chemicals being washed off.

Reluctantly, Vivra took the cloth and started cleaning herself. Neza was not certain how, but Vivyra's cleaning herself made her look even more alluring and desirable than she already was. The Orion spent extra time wiping her chest and nether regions but there were areas on her rear and neck that she spent a great deal of time upon, as well. She handed the cloth to T'Kal. "There you go."

"Thank you." T'Kal accepted the cloth on a small plate and set it aside. "I believe that's all for now. Lieutenant, you can get her dressed and bring her where she will be safe? In that closet are some spare scrubs and uniforms, both pant and skirt varieties. If you'll excuse me, I'm needed in the lab." T'Kal picked up the dish with the cloth on it and left the Ward area.

Keeping herself as calm as she could, Neza had to stay strong for Jane. She didn't know what the hell was going on for sure, but she also knew to fight the feelings she was getting. "Right, get her dressed, no problem," she stated as she led Vivyra off towards the closet. "So, which one would you like to wear?"

Vivyra pouted, "Far too much fabric! All of them!"

"Well, we need to put you in something." Neza said as she pulled down one of the skirt outfits. "I think this is the best we're going to get. I have other clothes you can change into later, but for now this is what we've got."

"I don't understand why I need to get into those! Even the clothing that Jane got me was better than this!" Vivyra crossed her arms and refused to put on anything.

Neza shook her head, "I have something more to your liking in my quarters but until then, you're going to have to wear this, Vivyra."

Vivyra pouted again but complied, putting on the scrubs. Nearly immediately, she started wiggling. "It is itchy and confining. Can we hurry, please?"

"Now that you're dressed, we can see if you're clear to leave to get into something more comfortable." Neza glanced out for a moment, then sighed. "Stay here a moment? I'm going to go ask, then we can leave out another door."

Vivyra pouted harder, but did as she was told.

Nurse T'Kal had set aside one of the medical labs so she could work. She had all remaining samples collected from Vivyra when she first came aboard, as well as the results from Dr. Sinclair's tests. She also had the wash cloth and the wastewater from Vivyra's shower. A machine fully dehydrated the waste and began analyzing anything else that might be found therein.

Most of the waste was salts, sugars, and miscellaneous proteins associated with sweat, saliva, and semen. These, and any once-living sperm cells, were filtered out. What else could be hiding here?

The computer highlighted one strange entry. It had found, in sizeable amounts, a strange organic chemical that had never been recorded before. "Computer, isolate item eighteen. Characterize. Compare with other chemicals from library database." The computer chimed and worked diligently. While it did so, T'Kal looked through Jane's previous tests and was shocked to find this chemical there too, but in lower doses. Did she miss this? Was she being negligent? Or is she truly under some influence?

The computer chimed again and displayed its results on the monitor. The nurse's face blanched. She stood from her station and found a comm panel. "Captain Jackson, please report to sickbay. Medical emergency." And if she was correct, it truly was.

Cindy had long left Luke but was still aimlessly thinking about him while in her quarters. She admittedly was having difficulty getting to sleep but was jarred from her restlessness when she heard the call over the comm. Cindy returned the call =^= On my way. =^=

After putting on her uniform, Cindy strutted down the corridors, ignoring some of the looks she received, as she did so. I wonder what that is all about. Arriving in sickbay, her legs, as usual, showed themselves first before the statuesque blond appeared. "What is going on, T'Kal?"

"Captain," she replied, getting up from her seat at the lab computer. She gestured to the monitor, which showed a very complex organic molecule. "This is why I called you. It was isolated from Miss Vivyra a short while ago, though I've also found it in trace amounts in various skin and sweat samples taken since she came aboard. I can't be 100% certain without conducting a variety controlled tests for which we are not equipped, but I believe this compound is a pheromone, which likely causes a strong attraction toward Vivyra."

Cindy nodded. "Seems feasible. Do you know if this is natural to Vivyra or Orions in general? What about its effect on Jane? Can it be reversed? And how is this effecting the crew as a whole?"

“It is too early to tell about reversal,” T’Kal explained, “but I do believe this caused Doctor Sinclair’s condition. It has likely affected anyone who has come into physical contact with Vivyra. The pheromone is more highly concentrated in sweat and other bodily fluids. Doctor Sinclair very likely had repeated sexual contact with her, and thus received an extremely high dose, but anyone touching her skin would have been contaminated as well. I believe this is not normal for Orions. We have never seen it reported.”

"I don't think that I've ever been touched by her...." Cindy blushed a bit, remembering the meal with Jane and Vivyra. "It could be more than that," she concluded. "Keep up on it and let me know. Anything you can do to inoculate the crew would be desired. We're nearing her home planet and I need everyone able to focus."

"I will try, but I'm not sure I can, Captain," T'Kal answered. "Truthfully, we stand a better chance of success with Doctor Sinclair." She raised an eyebrow. "Perhaps...she can be convinced that this pheromone is affecting everyone except her. She currently believes the crew is going to sexually abuse Vivyra. If she thinks this will prevent that, she will very likely help. And if it helps her see clearly along the way, all the better."

"It is a risk," Cindy told T'Kal biting the bottom of her lip as she considered the proposition. "Neza could help but her judgment has not been ideal either. We need a solution quickly." Her eyes darkened. "I don't see that we have many options left. We have to find out what this is and whether Vivyra is doing this purposely or not, especially as we are nearly at her home planet."

Clenching her fist, Cindy decided, "Do it. The crew is already reacting. And if the Ticker Tape is any indication, we've all been compromised."

T’Kal nodded. “Right away, Captain.” She tapped the same comm panel she used earlier. “Sickbay to brig. Please escort Doctor Sinclair to sickbay.”

Rather than reply directly, the shipwide comm system chimed. “Brig to Captain Jackson. Please respond.”

Cindy answered, bristling at the use of her proper title. =^= This is Captain Cindy. What seems to be the issue? =^=

“We just received a request to release Lieutenant Sinclair into your custody,” the brig officer said. “Requesting order confirmation and for someone from sickbay to collect her.”

=^= Confirmed. Please bring her here along with an escort. I want to make sure that Jane understands the terms of her release. =^=

A few minutes later, four security officers escorting Jane entered the sickbay lab. Jane was still cuffed, her eyes darted everywhere as she walked. They caught Cindy’s eyes and the doctor grinned. “Cindy!” She rushed to hug her good friend the Captain, but a security officer grabbed the back of her uniform and held her in place. “Oh, piss off,” she told the guard. She returned her eyes to Cindy, her lips curled in a big smile, rows of straight white teeth beaming. “It’s so good to see you again! I’ve missed you!”

Cindy resisted the urge to hug Jane back and tried not to show her concern that she had been infected more, if she had been infected at all, by Jane. Her eyes a mix of green and brown, told Jane, "This is serious, Jane. Vivyra may be in trouble, through no fault of her own. We have a working theory that there is a pheromone that she is carrying that may be spreading to the crew causing the poor behavior towards her and the overtly overly sexual behavior of everyone on this ship. I need you and Neza to find a cure, especially since we will be at Vivyra's home planet in less than 12 hours."

Neza slipped out of the side room, making sure Vivyra had stayed there. She noticed who was in the room and bit her lip. This was going to be tricky. "T'Kal, is it alright if I take the guest off to my quarters for some more comfortable clothing?" She was careful with her wording. "We'll come right back, as I know I need to help work on the cure. have to admit, scrubs are not comfortable at all."

As the door opened and closed, despite Neza filling some of the frame as she came through, Jane caught a sight of Vivyra in the ward. “Vivyra!” She struggled against the security guard as she pulled herself against their grip, eager to see the love of her life.

She did not anticipate the hand of her Vulcan nurse to fall across her face. It made a resounding clap across the room, leaving all present silent. T’Kal took Jane’s face in both her hands and looked her in rage-filled eyes. “Doctor,” she said firmly and loudly. “The crew has been contaminated with something that is making them behave erratically towards Vivyra. The entire crew is affected. We need your help to find an inoculant. Doctor. Only you can protect her in this way.”

The rage from being slapped faded from Jane’s face, replaced by calm resolve. She nodded, and then looked at the Captain. “May I have ten minutes in the ward shower first, please?”

Knowing she was already infected and fighting it, Neza went over to Jane and looked at her calmly, gently putting her hands on her arms. "We need to work on this first. know why you can't go back there. Jane, I'm doing all I can to keep her safe, but the best way to keep her safe is to do this, find what we need to find." Her eyes turned to Cindy and T'Kal. "I can take Vivyra to my quarters and she'll be safe there. I'll make sure no one can get in or out without my permission, and then come back here. Please?" She looked back to Jane, hoping she understood this was for the best.

Vivyra, having heard Jane's voice, burst through the door. "JANE!" She ran towards the Doctor, only to be held back by Cindy. "You'll have time for reuniting later, Vivyra. Jane has to take a shower and Neza has to get you to her quarters. I...I...." Cindy blushed furiously at the Orion. "I...think I may need to go to the bridge...."

Understanding the look on Cindy's face the moment she touched Vivyra, Neza gave Jane a gentle hug, "I'll take care of her, okay?" she whispered in Jane's ear before pulling back. She then went over to Vivyra, "Come on, let's get you more comfortable."

Jane nodded to her friend, smiled as she watched Vivyra get escorted away, and held up her hands to the guards. One out a hand on her shoulders while another unlocked her cuffs. T’Kal brought her to the ward, where she got herself clean and dressed in a new uniform. All ready, she and T’Kal got to work.


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