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Checking on a Friend

Posted on Sun Nov 17th, 2019 @ 3:15pm by Lieutenant JG Eric Thornton & Vivyra & Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Vivyra's Quarters
Timeline: 2261. 227 at 1100

Neza had gone back to her quarters to change, but then realized if she was going to make things still look professional to anyone watching, she decided to keep her uniform on. Only Cindy and Jane knew she was off duty at that point unless Cindy spread it around to everyone else.

Grabbing a lunch for herself and Vivyra, Neza made her way to Vivyra's quarters and pressed on the chime after making sure she wasn't followed.

Vivyra was sitting on her bed, debating what she was going to do with herself. Jane was in the brig, though she did not understand why. Neza did not come to see her this morning, as she expected. And the crew, well, they were getting a little rowdy and that worried her. "Who is it?" she called out.

"Vivyra, its Neza. I've got some lunch if you're hungry."

"You brought me lunch?" Vivyra got up and moved to the door, which slid open easily. "Or did you want to go to the mess again?"

Neza nodded towards inside the quarters, "In there, it would be...safer..." She sighed to herself as it was the only word she could think of. Stepping inside and letting the door close behind her, she finally was able to talk a bit more freely. "Actually, I am not supposed to be here. But I promised Jane I'd come check on you."

"Safer?" Vivyra asked, confused and allowed Neza into her quarters. "What's going on out there? Why is it not safe? Cindy said I would be safe on this ship. Are more mean Orion men chasing me?!" The green girl started to tremble. "Is Jane alright?"

Putting down the food she'd brought, Neza gently put her arms around Vivyra, trying to calm her down. "Shhh, I'll explain. It's okay. I won't let anything happen. Sit down, we'll talk about it, okay?"

Vivyra threw her arms around Neza, and Neza could feel a rush of desire for Vivyra running through her. "OK. We can talk. Please let me know what's going on."

Neza bit her lip and closed her eyes. No...don't let this get to you too. She pulled back and looked at Vivyra, pulling her hands and arms away, trying to shake the feeling. "Jane was trying to make sure all those outside your door didn't come and try to take advantage of you." She took a deep breath and shook her head, "But she hurt one of them and was put in the brig for it." No, keep a straight head, Nez...

"Nobody would hurt me," Vivyra replied. "Everyone here has been so kind to me and accommodating." She blinked several times innocently at Neza. "Why would Jane ever think that? Is Jane alright?"

She still had to keep her right mind. She didn't want to end up exactly where the rest of the crew was. Taking a deep breath, Neza looked to Vivyra. "They have been accommodating because they are all falling for you, Vivyra. They want to make you their own and take you away from Jane. We have kept you away from groups because of this. Jane was trying to keep you from having men at your door the moment you opened it. They don't want you in a good way. They want to take advantage of you."

"Take advantage of me how?" Vivyra asked innocently. "I have nothing to take advantage of. I'm a poor, helpless Orion girl, waiting for an owner and asylum from Cindy."

"The fact that they see you as helpless and an Orion, that's why they want to take advantage of you," Neza said as she shut her eyes, focusing again. "And I mean take you from Jane and take advantage of you sexually. They don't want Jane to have you."

"That's silly!" Vivyra replied. "I don't mind sharing. I don't think that Jane does, either. I believe she suggested sharing with Cindy. I think that would be a lot of fun."

"Not sharing, taking you away. For humans, that isn't a good thing to have happen. Cindy doesn't want you to be with Jane anymore, Vivyra. Why do you think she put me in charge?" Neza didn't care if she was breaking any rules about not saying why she was there and not Jane anymore.

"I don't know," Vivyra said, her eyes showing a great deal of confusion. "If Cindy wants to be my owner, I would gladly be her slave. She's very pretty and nice."

Neza pinched the bridge of her nose, "No, Vivyra. See, for humans, that type of thing is extremely frowned upon. No one is anyone's slave. We do those type of things with people we love. But there is something going on with the crew that has everyone not acting like themselves. Jane is the one who is properly in love with you, not the others."

Vivyra blinked several times and after awhile asked, "What's love have to do with it?"

"Jane loves you, Vivyra. Properly loves you. I'm not sure where it came from, but she does."

"There's improper love?" Vivyra asked somewhat confused.

Neza nodded, looking down and wringing her hands together. She was fighting as hard as she could against what she was feeling. "There is. There is love, which just means they want to try to...basically...have sex with you and make you an object. Then there is the love that Jane has for you. Everyone else seems to think something has clouded her judgement but I can tell how she actually feels about you. I...don't know any other way to explain it. But most humans and many other species as well try to find a partner for life that they love, want to have there forever." She shook her head clear, the memories that shouldn't be came flooding back and she shut her eyes for a moment. "And that I think is what Jane is feeling for you."

Vivyra was about to respond when her chime rang again. "I wonder who that is," she said to Neza curiously.

Biting her lip, Neza knew she wasn't supposed to be there. "This can't be good. I...I shouldn't be here..."

"Where should you be?" Vivyra asked, concerned. "Perhaps we could hide you?"

From outside, a lyrical voice called in, "Oh, Vivvvvvyyyyyra! There is no reason to be afraid. Captain Cindy sent me to you! Please open the door. I would love to get to know you! I'm Eric Thornton, the Legacy's PR officer! I can hardly wait to meet my first Orion!"

"Oh hell. And Cindy took me off the duty of watching you and keeping you company because of what happened. I'm technically off duty right now." Neza looked around and went over to where she'd set the lunches down and brought them back to where they'd been sitting. "Never did say I couldn't eat lunch with a friend...go answer it but...don't talk about what we were talking about, okay?"

"OK," Vivyra replied in a girlish shrug. She pranced over to the door and even her prancing looked more alluring than it did whimsical. She opened the door and gave Thornton a couple of blinks but with wide soulful, black eyes. "Welcome, Eric, is it?"

Neza could see Eric clearly. His blonde hair was dyed a green that looked pale compared to Vivyra's skin. His eyes were an emerald green. He wore a floral print shirt with some metallic silver long pants. On his arms were long black gloves that stretched nearly to his elbows. Sunglasses covered his eyes, which he lowered on his nose to get a better look at Vivyra. "Oh, dahhhllling! You're simply gawgeous! How can you stand yourself?" Eric told Vivyra.

Vivyra looked back at Neza and said uncertainly, "Come in?"

Upon seeing Neza, he said, "And look who we have here. Miss Glenn. How good to see you! How's that promotion to junior grade lieutenant treating you?" He held out his gloved hand limply for Neza, possibly for a shake.

Containing a groan at who walked through the door, Neza eyed him. "Thorton." She crossed her arms, "Is that the new look PR is having you wear these days? It isn't very flattering. Actually, it is the complete opposite. What the hell are you doing here?"

“PR wears what PR wants, silly!” Eric told Neza throwing his hand towards her in a disbelieving manner. “Besides, dahling, you would not know fashionable if it walked up to you and kissed you.” He smiled at Neza and said, “Of course, you’re not my type.” He laughed at that.

“And I am here, because Cindy sent me here. I am to be Vivyra’s personal escort and representative. So, perhaps you could just toddle off now.” He smiled proudly and made a shooing motion towards the door. “But it was a pleasure seeing you, as always!”

"Oh she did, did she? Well, you see, I am hear having lunch, and I'd rather finish the meal before having to leave." Neza didn't move from her seat, crossing her arms. "Besides, I brought food for Vivyra as well. And...I know, as you aren't my type."

"She did," he replied definitively. Eric then paused for a moment and considered his orders. He did not recall being given orders to be with Vivyra exclusively but he did not like Neza muscling in on his job, either. "I see," he replied with a hiss. "Well, I see no harm in you finishing lunch with her. However, you will have to go afterwards. After all, I'm in charge of Orion-Federation relations," he told Neza proudly.

Neza glanced to Vivyra, "Perhaps I want to visit with my friend as well. However, I leave the length of my visit to our dear Vivyra." She now was just trying to make sure she could stay here as long as possible.

Vivyra said, "I just like company. I rather hate being alone. You both seem rather fun."

Eric objected. "I am pretty sure that was not Captain Cindy's intent. Should I check with her, Lieutenant Glenn?" There was a strong emphasis on the word, "Lieutenant," that showed a bit of his annoyance.

"There is no need, Lieutenant," adding her own emphasis on the word. "But I do plan on finishing my lunch with Vivyra."

"By all means," he replied pleasantly. "I know that you already have food there, Vivyra, but is there anything special that I could make for you?" He smiled sweetly at the Orion. "You would not believe what I would be able to obtain."

Vivyra smiled and said, "No, I'm really not picky and I don't know all of your foreign foods." Vivyra's eyes gleamed for a moment as she said, "Why don't you sit between me and Neza? I'm sure she'll share the food with you, too."

Eric replied, "Oh, THANK you!" and sat down next to Vivyra and Neza. "You're just the sweetest thing, aren't you?"

Giving a small eye roll, Neza pushed the smallest bit of food over to Thorton, but shifted away from sitting directly next to him. She had never been a fan of him to begin with, and he just made her uncomfortable.

As Neza shifted away, Vivyra moved closer to Eric and placed her hand on his lap. "My home was very different than this ship. Did you know that we never had any men on it?"

Neza gave Vivyra a look that said don't do that, but whether or not she recognized it was another question. She picked at the food, not really hungry, but staying there as long as she possibly could.

"No men?" Eric asked. "How in the world did you propagate?"

Vivyra answered, "Well, that is a bit of a problem. We're not able to do that but we do have more girls brought to the planet from time to time."

Closing her eyes at the conversation, Neza sighed, "Do we really have to talk about this while we're eating?"

"What's wrong with talking about this while we're eating?" Vivyra asked.

Echoing Vivyra's question, Eric asked, "Yes, Neza, what's wrong with it?" He smirked at her.

"I just..I don't know." Neza rubbed her forehead, "Not normal meal conversation I suppose." She was starting to get worried about Vivyra, and now really didn't want to leave.

"I think it is important that we know all about Vivyra's home and life," Eric said proudly. "That's why I was appointed as Legacy's Orion ambassador." He puffed proudly. "It is important to have good relations with our Orion friend here. Don't you agree, dear?"

Vivyra gave Eric a warm smile and said, "I do. I think it is important for everyone to be happy." She then looked at Neza and asked, "What's not normal about talking about my home?" She blinked several times and asked, "Would you not talk about your home?"

"I never said it wasn't important to learn. It was just a misunderstanding." Neza rubbed her forehead again, but slowly ate again. "So...when were you given this position, Thorton? I've never heard of it until now."

Vivyra took a bite of her food but she moved closer to Eric, her hand not moving from his lap.

Eric responded, "This morning. 0645 hours, to be precise. Captain Cindy and the Commander appointed me."

Slightly rolling her eyes, So Cindy knew this morning when she talked to me who was coming... Neza thought to herself. She eyed the touching between Eric and Vivyra and swore under her breath. Would she dare put herself in-between them for Jane's sake? She wanted to, badly.

"Did you say something?" Eric asked Neza innocently.

"No, nothing. But," she glanced to Eric, "Want some company in whatever it is you're going to be doing?"

Eric answered, "No. I think that I can handle the diplomatic relations nicely on my own." He grinned at Neza and then asked, "Perhaps we could catch up with you later?"

Although she wanted to roll her eyes, Neza held off. "I won't get in the way, and besides, I don't have anything better to do as it is."

"I appreciate your offer, but I think that it is in the best interests of Orion-Federation relations that Vivyra and I spend some time alone." He looked at Neza's lunch and said, "I think you're just about done, Lieutenant."

Vivyra licked her lips and said, "I know we will see each other later, Neza! Maybe we can visit Jane later?"

Glaring slightly at Eric, Neza was getting irritated. "I'm not leaving her alone with you," she mumbled, just loud enough for him to hear.

"I don't think you have that choice. Perhaps I should contact Cindy, after all," Eric replied smirking.

Vivyra interjected, smiling all the while, "It is OK, Neza. I would like to get to know him better. Maybe we can all have dinner together?"

Finishing the last bit of her food, Neza sighed. She wasn't going to win this, but she had to give a last warning to Vivyra without Eric overhearing. "Vivyra? Walk me to your door?" She glared at Thornton, "Lieutenant..."

Eric did nothing. He simply shrugged and smiled at Neza.

Vivyra got up and accompanied Neza. "What's wrong, Neza?" she asked curiously.

Waiting until right by the door, Neza lowered her voice to barely a whisper, "Don't let him do anything...anything we talked about that is odd for humans. Please? I'm going to try to find a way to get Jane out so she can come back to you but I can't do much off duty."

"What would he do that is odd for humans?" she whispered back, confused. "And do you think it is smart to do something that Cindy doesn't want done? Where would we go? What would we do, Neza?" Her voice was worried and concerned.

Realizing she'd have to be blunt, Neza sighed, "No sex, no physical connections, don't let him run any odd experiments or tests. That is not what an ambassador would do. They'd only talk, nothing more."

“That’s all he seems to do so far,” Vivyra whispered back. “And what’s wrong with sex or physical contact? I have hardly had any in the last 24 hours. I miss it!”

"Vivyra, please?" Neza's voice was almost begging, "Until we can figure out what is going on with some of the crew, please hold off on anything..."

Shocked, Vivyra asked, “You think I have something to do with whatever?! I don’t! I’ve done nothing wrong!” Tears formed in her eyes.

Remembering how she felt last time she hugged Vivyra, Neza bit her lip but still wrapped her arm around the woman. "No, I'm not saying you did! We've just never had an Orion on board and that is the only change lately. I never believed you personally have done anything other than fall in love with Jane, and she with you.'ll be okay."

The feeling returned to Neza and got stronger as Vivyra wrapped her arms around Neza. Her lips pouty, her eyes wide, she whined, “I’m not doing anything. I just like being with people and meeting them....”

Shutting her eyes, Neza was trying her hardest to not let the feelings become overwhelming. She had to keep herself together. "I know, I know you aren't Vivyra. And I want to be able to prove that. There are others that want to do the opposite. I know you like being with people, but right now you can't until we can sort this out."

“I’ll try, Neza,” Vivyra replied resignedly. “But a girl has needs and I’ve never been with a man....” she looked back at Eric and then into Neza’s eyes with some confusion. “Though, it is the oddest thing. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. I feel like I did with someone on this ship....”

Blinking for a moment, Neza's eyes were filled with the same confusion. "Hold on...remembering someone who isn't actually here but having clear, vivid memories of them?"

“Yes. How did you know?” Vivyra asked, as her arms started to withdraw from Neza.

"You aren't the only one on the ship, that's why. And that started before you got on board, so that would have nothing to do with you. I've got two people I remember that aren't here..." Neza didn't dare ask who it was that Vivyra remembered, but then looked over at Eric. "Okay, this time you need to listen to me. I don't care if you follow, but I need to check some things, with Vivyra, in my lab. Please, it's important."

“I thought you’re off duty,” Eric responded smartly. “If Cindy says it is OK, then it is OK. If not, would you please let me do my job?”

"Eric, I don't give a damn about whether or not I'm on duty or if she says it is okay! Vivyra remembering people who aren't actually here means that this...whatever it spreading. And not just through the crew!"

"What are you talking about?" Eric replied as if Neza had two heads. "Remembering people who aren't here? That's just nonsense. I think you need to see the ship's nurse." He paused before continuing, "In the meantime, Vivyra and I have a lot of getting to know each other, to do."

Neza rounded to Eric, standing barely an inch from him. "Cindy has had the same, as have many others, so don't tell me to go see the damned nurse!"

"I think it is best if you leave, regardless, Neza. Continue this behavior and you may find yourself in the same place that Jane is."

"I've done nothing wrong," Neza stated but backed down a little before turning back to Vivyra, whispering in her ear, "Please, be careful?" Her voice was warning, but also begging.

Vivyra nodded at Neza and then gave her a timid wave goodbye. "Dinner! Don't forget me for dinner!"

"I won't Vivyra, I promise." Neza eyed Eric, "Anything happens to her? Let's just say you won't want to contend with me."

"Yes, yes," Eric replied, shooing Neza out the door. "Have a good day off."

Glaring one last time at Eric, Neza stepped out the door, feeling more uneasy than she had when she got there. They were trying to do things she didn't appreciate, and keep her out of all of it. She knew it wasn't safe to go see Jane she had to find something to do.


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