Lieutenant Commander Charlotte Hudson

Name Charlotte Rebeccah Olivia Hudson

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth October 31, 2234
Place of Birth Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Bec is of average height with a slight, athletic build. She keeps her auburn hair short, usually in a layered bob. She likes to vary her look with makeup, some days going for a dark and brooding look, others going for a slightly edgy look. Very rarely she’ll surprise everyone and go sans makeup, or with a light and airy look. Other than a smattering of freckles on her face, upper chest, and arms, she has no distinguishing marks or special features.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Herbert John Byron Hudson
Mother Olivia Mae (Geophries) Hudson
Brother(s) Vincent Matthias Herbert Hudson (February 27, 2227)
Harper Logan Byron Hudson (November 6, 2229)
Jeffrey Lucas John Hudson (June 4, 2230)
William Anthony Herbert Hudson (October 31, 2234)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Too many to name

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance None
Friends Bec likes to say she has none, but in truth has several.
Enemies/Rivals Probably someone out there hates her, but none she would call an enemy or rival.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bec is a character unto her own. One minute she’s snarky and grumpy, the next she’s happy and joking around. Though she’s rarely angry and very rarely raises her voice. During her younger years she was classified as the ‘bad twin’ and the ‘troublemaker’ as she thoroughly enjoyed pulling pranks.

Bec loves music and dancing, but not partying in its traditional sense. She’s never been fond of alcohol or drugs, though she will drink socially. However, being social isn’t Bec’s strong suit as she does not like talking as much as others would like her to. The only reason she has frequent contact with family and friends is because they call her routinely.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks STRENGTHS: Despite appearances, Bec is loyal to her family, friends, and crew. She is honest, intelligent, and very organized.

WEAKNESSES: Sometimes lets her idea of fun get in the way of other tasks, but never any important ones. Has a tendency to push people away because she’s scared of being hurt. Can be quite reckless.

QUIRKS: Bec absolutely hates her first name, and cringes when she’s called by it. She prefers to go by her middle name, Rebeccah, or rather by the nickname Bec. When she thinks it’ll be fun, Bec tends to throw caution to the wind. While she’s honest, she prefers not to talk about her family and friends. She tends to be guarded about her life.
Ambitions Bec has not thought beyond tomorrow, thus doesn’t have any real ambitions aside from having fun and learning new things.
Languages Known English, French, Vulcan, and a few Klingon phrases you wouldn’t use in polite company.
Medical profile Bec has had several broken bones and been in many fights. However, most of her injuries were work related. Otherwise, she’s had no major medical illnesses or injuries.

Personal History Charlotte “Bec” Rebeccah Olivia Hudson is the youngest of five children, and the only daughter, born to Herbert John Byron Hudson and Olivia Mae (Geophries) Hudson. She has a twin brother, William Anthony Herbert Hudson, who is 37 seconds older, as he loves to remind her. Despite her mother’s best attempts, Bec turned out to be a tomboy and ‘bad girl’. By the age of ten, Bec had already broken both legs (at different times) and one arm. At the age of fourteen, Bec and her best friend, Myles, were expelled from school three days into the grade nine year because a prank went wrong and several students received minor injuries, including Bec.

When she started at her new school, Bec found herself quite alone. All her brothers, including her twin, were still attending the school she’d been expelled from. Having never been separated from her twin before, Bec was completely lost. She began acting out and picking fights to the point of getting suspended and warned she would be expelled again if the behaviour continued. Realizing the issue, Will made his parents transfer him to Bec’s school for the grade ten year. She seemed to settle down, but was still finding herself in fights, mostly because she was defending the smaller kids who were being bullied.

Between her tenth and eleventh year of schooling, Bec and Will decided to get as many school credits as they could. Their brothers had all enrolled in Starfleet Academy and the twins were enthralled by their stories, much to their parent’s chagrin. They were determined to join Starfleet before their parents could try to stop them. It was easier than they thought it would be, as their father fell ill and was hospitalized that summer. With their mother working and spending all her free time at the hospital, the twins managed to complete an entire year’s worth of credits and skip ahead of their peers by a year. Instead of going into the eleventh grade, they went into their twelfth.

At the end of the year, the twins enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Bec choosing security, Will chose science. Though they were in separate classes, the twins still spent a lot of time with each other. They were exemplary students, despite the pranks and hijinks they liked getting into. Bec even managed to get into the top 25th percentile of her graduating class.

Her first assignment on the USS Armstrong was difficult as she was separated from Will again but being much more mature (some would argue she wasn’t that mature), she was able to work through the loneliness. She even managed to make quite a few friends. In 2256, after being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Bec requested a transfer simply to gain new experiences. So, in 2257, she was transferred to the USS Drake as a Security Officer.

In 2258, she was part of an away team that was imprisoned after first contact went wrong. One of the science officers, Ensign Joe Henry, couldn’t help himself and touched an interesting object that turned out to be a sacred relic, thus angering the people and causing the away team to flee. Unfortunately, the science officer fell through a crevice. Bec and another security officer, Lt. Elijah Bennett (also her lover at the time), stopped to assist, leading to the three of them being captured. Their captors interrogated them, using any information they gained about each officer to coerce them into pleading guilty and accepting a death sentence. Bec threw caution to the wind and defied her captors, hoping it would spare Eli and Joe. She taunted her captors, threw their words back at them, and ended up being tortured for more information after pretending to know big secrets about the captor’s enemies.

They were held for twenty-two hours before the Drake’s command team could negotiate their return. Unfortunately, Joe was badly wounded and succumbed to his injuries just before the shuttle touched down. Bec had several broken bones, a black eye, several patches of hair missing, and a two-inch laceration to her abdomen. Eli had no injuries whatsoever. It turned out that he divulged every tidbit of information he knew about the other two officers in order to avoid being hurt. Once she was medically stable enough to leave sickbay, Bec went straight to Eli, not to reconcile, but to punch him in the face for turning coward and causing both her injuries and those that led to Joe’s death.

Bec earned a week in the brig for breaking Eli’s jaw, though several officers thought she should have been demoted or thrown out of Starfleet as the only reason she didn’t do more damage is because they held her back. However, due to her actions on the planet, the command team deemed such actions unnecessary and only punished her for what she actually accomplished in her attempt to beat the tar out of Eli. Due to crew distrust, Eli was transferred to another ship within a week of the incident with Bec. She suffered through a month of bullying from several of Eli’s friends before requesting a transfer. Unfortunately, no transfer was granted to her, instead she was offered counselling and the offending officers were reprimanded. Things settled down within a few months, but Bec still wanted out.

In 2259, she was promoted to Lieutenant and finally granted her transfer. This time she found herself on the USS Champlain as her Chief Security Officer. A week later, Will arrived as Chief Science Officer. At his insistence, Bec applied for Command School and was shocked to find herself accepted. In 2260 she completed all necessary courses and, alongside her brother, was granted a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Then, when she heard of the USS Legacy being built, she decided that she had to be on that ship, she applied for a transfer, and even took a risk and applied for First Officer. She was shocked and thrilled to be chosen for the position.
Service Record 2251 – Entered Starfleet Academy
2255 – Assigned to USS Armstrong, rank: Ensign, position: Security Officer
2256 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2257 – Transferred to the USS Drake, rank: Lt. JG, position: Security Officer
2259 – Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Champlain, position: Chief Security Officer
2260 – Completed Command School and promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2261 – Transferred to USS Legacy, rank: Lt. Commander, position: First Officer