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What Happens at Vulcan....(Part 2)

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 5:39pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant JG Eric Thornton & Petty Officer, 3rd Class Clara Henry & Lieutenant Xenia Windsor & Lieutenant Kevin Chambers & Lieutenant Arev & Lieutenant Joshua Arras
Edited on on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 10:43pm

Mission: Mission 3 - Coming Full Circle
Location: Vulcan/Legacy
Timeline: 2261. 231 at 1300


At the science station, two additional Chief Science Officers appeared next to Arev, Lieutenant JG Neza Glenn and Lieutenant JG Alastair Hallewell II. Both looked at the Vulcan curiously and Neza asked, "How are we here and who are you?"

"I am Lieutenant Arev", Arev replied. "I would think how you are here would be easy to discern. You are caught in a collision of temporal streams that need to be kept separated permanently before irreparable damage is done to the space time continuum. A madman from he future blew up Vulcan and the effects are severe but fascinating. If you will excuse me, I have work to do."

Arev knew back from his time that the substance known as red matter was at a theoretical level when he had been incarcerated. From all accounts however, it seemed the theory had become reality. Perhaps, just perhaps he might be able to use an alternate or reverse make up of the substance.

"What I want to know is why my underling is acting like she's a Chief of Science," Alastair Hallewell II answered. Neza Glenn responded, "Because you abandoned the ship and you're not my superior anymore. Now, let's solve this problem or Legacy is doomed. Do you have any information on this, Lieutenant Arev?" Neza asked.


"I have information on this, however since I AM the Chief Science Officer of this particular time stream, I will not be wasting my time giving you an explanation of what I am going to do as it would take too much time to explain it to you in a manner in which you will understand", Arev replied, while making calculations and pulling up an inventory of ship stores. He wasn't even sure if there was what he needed on the ship.

Cindy called after A'rev, "Get me a solution! I don't care how it is done or with whom it is done," though the Captain had to wonder how he had any information on this.


Meanwhile, in Engineering, Kevin found that there were at least four other people in his department. He recognized one Chief Engineer as Lieutenant Naryi Avonavi; however, he did not recognize the male Chief Engineer of Lieutenant Gente López-Fonsi. Two other engineers, Lieutenant JG Ayden Kennett and Ensign Feng Wang looked around confused.

Kevin saluted each of the 'new' additions to his Legacy and winked at his co-conspirator. "Yo all," Kevin said easily. "I know it's a little confusing, and could be awfully bad if we start arm-wrestling over who's who." Moving quickly to the various sparking and darkening consoles he pointed quickly and forcefully.

"Kevin Chambers," he began, unconcerned that there were additional people in Engineering. He was relieved with receiving the extra help, and certainly being extra help himself. How could they overcome this unless they worked together?

"Let's do all the formal introductions later, OK?" he said to the group. "Yes, we're all Chief Engineers, and yes, we're all aboard the Legacy." He pointed at each piece of equipment and said, "Let's make sure we all get to stay aboard, shall we?" And hoped beyond all hope that their disorientation was brief, and the gravity (do NOT pardon the pun...) of the situation was quite obvious. "I'll take this one," Kevin said. "Spread out and we can keep being space explorers, OK?"

"How shall we divide things?" Avonavi asked?

Kevin pondered for just a moment. It's said that human brains can process many trillion thoughts simultaneously, including some that might, in this instance for example, have something inexorably linked to each of the timelines that the Legacy was existing on. He was certain that there were plenty more dimensional oddities that might dictate the framing of his answer which, in point of fact, sounded extremely impulsive. But, as I've managed to, dear reader, point out that there had to have been some highly involved and multifaceted problem solving possibilities considered first.

"Hell if I know," was out of the CEO's mouth before he could stop it. And they chuckled together, the tension breaking like the wind.

"You," he started randomly pointing, and then doubling up on the personnel. He vaguely recognized a few faces as those that had most probably served as his subordinates aboard His Legacy, he immediately designated as Alpha. He might have been proud of such a thing, but his brain only minorly acknowledged it before continuing, breakneck towards the next sentence. "And you, Gilchrist. The matter/anti-matter mixture level and dilithium chamber."

Spinning on his heel, he smiled at the rest. "Let's make this quick... although time is relative and all that shit, I doubt that we'll have much time to consider the finer physical ramifications." Pointing in pairs, one more familiar face with others that wore his uniform, some much more... defined... than the others, and spread them throughout Engineering.

Each team on various consoles such as weapons, engines, shields, life support and of course, the dilithium chamber.

He stood with his partner and manned the main console and opened a channel to The Bridge. "Let's keep this open, shall we, Captain?" Kevin's voice rang out on the Bridge.

"Hey everyone, welcome to the Party. We've got Engineering covered... so let me know what you need and we'll do what we can, how's that?"

No matter how tempted he was to pull a Han Solo and ask how everyone was up there... he refrained. Lighthearted banter was one thing, but doing a genre crossover might have been pushing the envelope a little too far.

"The channel will remain open," Cindy called back to Kevin. "Just get me solutions!"

Sickbay also became more cluttered, as a small blue haired woman appeared, Chief Medical Officer Jane Sinclair. Another counterpart, Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Cole Dering appeared next to her. An Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant JG Alec Toten appeared along with two nurses: Ensign Martha Wachahunka and Petty Officer, 1st Class T'Kal.

On the Bridge Adama looked around, at all the unfamiliar faces that suddenly appeared. He guessed that this was an effect of the black hole. He went over to Xenia. "This must be an effect of the black hole. Are you okay?"

Xenia looked at Adama with a brow raised. "I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" She hadn't shown any sign of being in distress, since she wasn't, so she wasn't sure what prompted the undue concern.

Lee looked at Xenia. "Don't you understand, all these people aren't real, they're here because of the black hole."

Ben Chiles looked at Lee and said, "I am most definitely real."

Xenia simply smiled and pointed her thumb at Ben with a nod. "He is."

[to be continued]


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