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Captain Checking In on Sickbay

Posted on Sun Aug 16th, 2020 @ 10:46pm by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Lieutenant Joshua Arras

Mission: Mission 3.5 - Some R & R
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2261. 245 at 1200

Cindy knew that it was unannounced but she decided that it was about time that she checked in on the Doctor. After all, after the last mission, he had to be shaken up. He actually thought that she was flirting with him. She giggled at the thought as she strode into the sickbay.

Her long legs announced her, her short yellow command miniskirt barely covering her as she walked. Her platinum blonde hair swung freely as she walked. "Josh," she called out. "Are you in here?"

Josh walked out of his office. "I'm here." He looked at her, admiring her legs and her figure. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Nothing's wrong!" Cindy replied with a pretty laugh. "I just came to check in on you and how resupplying is going."

"I'm fine, Cindy. Been a hard day...and I'm just a doctor." He looked at her. "Resupply should be done by tomorrow."

Internally, Cindy cheered. Josh called him Cindy rather than Captain. One small victory at a time. "You're not just a doctor! You're the Chief Medical Officer and my friend! I'm so glad to hear about the resupply. Is there anything that I can do for you? Anything that you need?"

There were many things she could do for her, but that wouldn't be proper. "Once the supplies are received, my staff will catalogue everything and put it away. Plus it wouldn't be right having you handling supplies."

"I have very little else to do right now. Let me help you out." Cindy's eyes widened like a puppy dog, who just wanted to be pet.

"I'll let you help, if you'll have dinner with me."

"I don't see why I wouldn't have dinner with you. So, it is settled. What can I do for you?"

He walked over to several piles of equipment - medicine and supplies. "All this has to be inventoried, catalogued and put in the stockroom."

Cindy dug right in. "Do you have any particular order that you like? Or is there a cheat sheet somewhere?"

Arras handed her a PADD that had the correct order of the supplies.

Taking the PADD, Cindy started humming. She looked at the piles and started counting.... "1...2...15...25... HUH?!"

"As a former medical officer, you, of all people, know that sickbay has to be ready for any situation, and take care of everyone on the ship, from major surgery to a hangnail....or a pregnancy." He looked at her. "And I'll be here giving you a hand."

"I was a former science officer," Cindy corrected as she turned around to look at Josh. "Medical, no offense, is too boring. Limited to individuals and beings and diseases. It is rinse and repeat." Her eyes got a dreamy look about them and sparkled green as she looked upwards. Her voice took on an airy and dreamy tone, "Now, science! Science encompasses all that and more. There's so much out there that we don't know. So much to learn and see. So much newness!"

She sighed and then looked straight at Josh. Her tone coming down from its high. "By the way, you're three pipets short."

Josh noticed the change in her voice...could it be that he did something wrong? "3 pipets short, captain?"

"Yes," Cindy replied perplexed. "I wonder how that happened. Who did you last have check these counts? This is just sloppy, sloppy work."

Arras was confused by her response. What's a pipet?? "Captain. I made the count, and I assure you, we had all the pipets that we ordered."

"Nope, three short." She beckoned Josh over and looked at her personal inventory and count. "See, I grouped them in tens. We should have 100. I only count 97."

"Well then, supply on the station owes us three." He smiled at her.

Cindy smiled back. "I should say so. File the appropriate paperwork." She stood up to her full six feet in height. "So, glad I helped you sort that out.'

"I'll get on that right away, Cindy." He turned to walk to his office, when he stopped and turned. "Would you like some coffee? I have a fresh pot in my office."

"Sure," Cindy answered. "I suppose one cup couldn't hurt me too badly."

Josh led her to his office, and offered her a seat. He walked over and poured two cups of coffee, put them on a tray, along with milk and sugar, then carried them to his desk. "I have some fresh donuts if you want."

"Are you trying to fatten me up, Doctor?" she asked with a laugh. "And, how is this a good example for the crew, hmmm?" Cindy asked with a playful voice.

"Captain, you could eat 2 dozen donuts and it wouldn't show on your figure...your metabolism would burn off the excess calories." He brought the coffee over to her chair.

"Ha!" Cindy scoffed. "Well, if the doctor says I can eat donuts without gaining an ounce, you may as well get one of those for me, too. Who am I to question a doctor's judgment."

Arras brought over the plate of donuts to her. "Your charts show that you you have maintained the same weight for your last 4 physicals, which tells me that your metabolism does work for you, and there are other ways to burn off the excess calories."

Not catching any innuendo, Cindy readily agreed. "That's why I created the racquetball league and I try to exercise every single day. God, wouldn't it be great to find a planet where all disputes were settled with sports?! That would be so much fun!"

"1 soldier against 1 soldier? For all the marbles?" He looked at her for a long time. "I need to be honest.....I think you're a beautiful woman...and I think I like you...and I would like to date you."

Cindy's smile faded, as the "ah ha" moment hit her. This had happened in her past. She simply could not understand why being friendly translated into some guys just wanting to date her. She looked over at Josh and thought about it for an uncomfortable moment. He, like Luke was smaller than her. Strike 1. As far as she could tell, they did not have a lot in common, other than being friendly and enjoying company. Strike 2. However, she had already agreed to dinner.... Ball 1. "Josh," she decided to equivocate, "I just had a rather complex thing with another crew member. Perhaps you saw the rumors on the ticker tape.... Luke and I...." She stopped and cleared her throat. I don't want to hurt his feelings. "It might just be too soon for me. You're a nice guy but things have been more than a little complicated."

Josh's face showed his disappointment. "Sorry....that was completely out of line and against regulation." He stood up. "Enjoy your coffee....I'll get back to my work. Thank you for the help earlier, but I can handle it by myself, now. Excuse me." He turned and walked away.

"Josh!" Cindy ran up to him, leaving the coffee on his desk. "It was not out of line and not against regulations. Honestly, I take no offense and I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. That's not my intent."

"It's alright, captain...I overstepped...only myself to blame." He headed back to the outer office. "I have supplies to take care of. Excuse me, captain."

Men! Cindy huffed to herself. They always accused women of being moody but here was the doctor being huffy because she was honest. Well, he would get over it. She would find him another woman or something to make him feel better and then hopefully things could get back to normal. For now, however, she decided leaving would be best, and so she did so, hoping tomorrow would be better to talk to Josh.


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