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Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 7:53am by Captain Cynthia Jackson & Vivyra & Lieutenant Jane Sinclair MD, DVM

Mission: Mission 2 - Love ORION Mistaken
Location: Jane's Quarters
Timeline: 2261. 226 at 1825

Jane’s emotions were all over the place. Gratitude for Neza for helping her steal the night with Vivyra. Love and lust both for Vivyra. Anger at Cindy. Confusion over the role Bec played also swept over her.

More than one officer dodged out of her way as she made best speed to the turbolift. One young man was about to get in the lift. “Out!” she yelled, prompting him to scurry out of it. The lift moved too slowly for her tastes.

The door opened on the right deck and she rushed to her quarters. She opened the door and heard the shower running. “Oh Viv-Y-ra!” she called.

Vivyra had made herself at home in the Chief Medical Officer's quarters. So far, she had spent about as many nights here as she had in her own quarters. She seemed to have no qualms about moving freely between the quarters. What little Vivyra had in clothing was strewn about the floor en route to the shower. She let the water hit her and started to lather her body. "In here," she called back.

Jane left a matching trail of clothes as she stripped her way to the washroom. She swung the shower door open and climbed in, pushing Vivyra up against the wall as she did so. She practically attacked the Orion’s lips with hers, sliding her tongue in to dance with her lover’s highly skilled one. One hand wrapped around Vivyra’s waist while the other found its way between her legs. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered as the kiss broke. “All day. And even in the past few minutes speaking with Neza. Every second I’m away from you hurts.”

Vivyra kissed Jane back furiously. When she heard Jane's words, though, her eyes became as innocent as those of a doe. "I don't want you to hurt! That's just awful, Jane."

Jane smiled widely seeing the look on her girlfriend’s face. “You are too adorable for words, my love. Though I have been hurting a bit today, especially talking with Neza. I’m not sure why, but it seems like Cindy is trying to keep us apart. But I never want to be apart from you.” She started kissing down Vivyra’s face, biting and sucking on her neck.

Vivyra offered more of her neck for Jane but genuinely confused, asked, "Why would she do that? Cindy's our friend!"

“I know!” Jane said, continuing to work her way along her lovely neck. “I have no idea why someone so beautiful could be so unreasonable about this!” Her hands working up green thighs found that special place that she knew would make Vivyra squirm. “What do you think we should do about it?” Jane asked as her lover’s colour darkened.

"Which part?" Vivyra asked, allowing herself to experience Jane's attentions. "Because if you mean having sex, then I think we're off to an extremely good start.” Vivyra let her hands grip Jane's rear and squeeze her cheeks.

“Ooh!” Jane squealed. “Yes, I think we are too. An extremely good start indeed. When you were back among your old friends, what did you do to them in the shower?” She practically growled her question, eager to learn how the Orion could pleasure her in a new way.

"All kinds of things," Vivyra purred. "And sometimes nothing," she teased Jane. "All depended on the mood." The Orion entwined one of her legs with Jane's and swung on it, like it was a pole, placing herself firmly against Jane's thigh and allowing her hands more freedom of movement. She started to scratch down Jane's back, just firmly enough to make marks that would wash away in the shower but not firmly enough to draw blood.

Jane moaned as her lover used her nails down her back. "All those men in the mess hall, gawking at you," Jane said through heavy breaths, "but I get you all to myself. I'm going to make you scream my name tonight, Vivyra. And only my name."

"Gawking?" Vivyra asked, confused. "I am not familiar with that term. What does that mean? And, why would I scream another name?"

“They were staring,” Jane said, her hands finding their way to Vivyra’s chest. “They’d prefer you scream their names. But you’re mine, aren’t you?”

"Of course I am," Vivyra responded smiling.

Jane abruptly turned the water off, opened the shower door, and put one hand on the back of Vivyra’s delicate neck. “Come with me.” They stepped out of the shower and walked to the bed, where Jane bent her lover forward at the waist, her hands on the bed, exposing her sex and her ass. “You don’t move a muscle while I have my fun.” She smacked the Orion’s bum, hard enough to leave a welt, and then moved her hand towards its target. “Tell me you understand. Or do I need to show you again?”

"No, mistress!" Vivyra cried out. "You need not show me that again. Have your way with me. I'm your slave."

“Damn right you are,” Jane said as she began having her way.

Jane lay in bed, blue hair matted to her forehead, slowly trying to catch her breath. Vivyra’s head was on her shoulder, one arm and one leg wrapped across her, as she too recuperated.

The doctor’s mind refused to be silent as she tried to find rest. “Can we talk?” Jane asked. “I’m just...I don’t know why Cindy is trying to keep us apart. I know I had work to do today, and even yesterday it seemed like an okay idea to have someone else help you while I was in sickbay, but I feel like something’s changed and I don’t know what to do.”

"What do you mean, honey?" Vivyra asked sleepily.

“I’ve been running some tests on some blood samples I have from when you were in sickbay,” Jane admitted. “Cindy asked me to. It’s fair, though I don’t think we’ll find anything interesting. She’s been saying she’s happy that I’m happy with you, but I think she doubts you too. And if doubts you, I don’t know what she’ll do.” She took a deep breath. “Maybe we should talk to her? It’s not too late, is it? Invite her over for a drink?”

"Too late for what?" She looked confused and then brightened for a moment. "Too late to invite Cindy over here? Is that what you're asking?"

"Yes, to invite her here, silly," Jane chided. She gave her lover a quick peck on the cheek. "To invite her here for a drink and to talk. To clear the air." She slid out from under Vivyra and got out of bed, cool air on her bare skin giving her goosebumps. She found her freshly laundered lavender silk robe -- light and short, but enough to be modest -- and found a nearly identical blue one that she tossed onto the bed for Vivyra. She cinched the belt around her waist and then walked to a comm panel on the wall. "Sinclair to Captain Jackson. Cindy, are you available? Could I invite you down to my quarters? There's something I'd like to talk with you about."

Cindy wondered what in the world that Jane could want to talk to her about. Did she want Cindy to marry Vivyra and Jane? Cindy wondered what she would answer to that. They had only known each other a short time and while the Orion seemed harmless, Bec was really worried about them. Neza's report did not show any warning signs that she could see. But whatever it was, Cindy was above all, there for her crew and best friends! Answering the comm, Cindy responded, =^= What's on your mind, Jane? =^=

Jane couldn’t suppress a long and loud yawn. “I’m sorry, Cindy. I didn’t realize how tired I am. I won’t bother you too long, but I couldn’t leave this until tomorrow. It looks like you and Bec are keeping me and Vivyra apart. I want her around me more. All the time.” She looked across the room to Vivyra, who still lay in bed. That’s when she realized what she wanted. “I want her working with me. She’s so caring. I’d like to train her to help around sickbay.” I wonder if the ship’s tailor can help me make her a sexy nurse’s uniform, she briefly thought.

Shit! How did she find out about Bec's plan? I need to talk to Neza to see what happened today. =^= I understand that you want her around you all the time, Jane. But, this is not the time to discuss it, =^= Cindy responded, biting her lip. Cindy had to admit that Bec was probably right about the Orion's effect on Jane. This was rather disturbing talk. =^= Do you think we could discuss it tomorrow after my racquetball games? =^=

Trying and failing to stifle another yawn, Jane nodded, knowing Cindy couldn’t see her. “Fine. Tomorrow. Hey, if it’s after racquetball, why don’t I give you another massage? Vivyra’s pretty good with massages, too. I can show you how much of an asset she could be to my team.”

There was a hesitation before Cindy responded. =^=Um, let me think about that. =^= If she could corner Luke again, perhaps she would have Luke do that for her.

Jane was confused. She remembered Cindy’s positive reaction to the massage last time. What had changed? Cindy really was playing at something, wasn’t she, and didn’t want to talk with Jane about this at all. She took a deep breath. She would need to wait until tomorrow to do anything anyway. “Fine. Come by sickbay sometime. That’s where I’ll be, apparently. All alone. Good night, Cindy.” Before the Captain could respond, she closed the channel. With a sigh, she removed her robe and crawled back into bed. She rolled onto her side, took Vivyra’s hand, and pulled her over so the Orion was the big spoon. “I think I need a cuddle right now,” she whispered.

Vivyra held Jane tightly and entwined her body with Jane's.

Cindy closed her eyes and sighed. She had not meant to hurt Jane's feelings. She was just looking forward to a more intimate massage. Jane was taking this way too hard. Of course there was something about how Jane was reacting that did not sit right either. Why did she want to include Vivyra on a massage? It did not make sense. Perhaps it would in the morning.


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